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Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Boards Are The Sweet Treat You Need This Season

Many people think that charcuterie boards are just for meats and cheeses (and yes, we realize that "charcuterie" literally refers to meats), but there's a new trend in boards that's perfect for cozy season: hot cocoa charcuterie boards. Hint: they're as sweet as they sound.

These boards go well beyond the typical chocolatey drink and bring a host of goodies that we thought only existed in our yummiest dreams.

We're so on board with this hot chocolate 'charcuterie.'

Why just have a simple cup of cocoa when you can have a giant festive feast?

Some of these boards go all out with white chocolate peppermint bark, giant torched marshmallows, candy canes, gingerbread men, sprinkles, and literally whatever else we can imagine.

These boards take us from cold to cozy.

Whether it's a fun socially distanced holiday party or just for your own hot cocoa cravings with the kiddos, there's really no beating these boards.

Staying inside doesn't get much more appealing than this, especially in 2020.

These are a delicious combo of tasty and terrific art.

For those who fancy themselves expert bakers, there are a few ways you can take this idea to the next level: just add homemade cookies, your very own chocolate bark, and anything else you're keen to whip up in your kitchen.

Also, can I come over?

This may be the best board trend of the season.

This is the kind of thing that can really turn around a day of being stuck inside. Plus, it's a super fun activity to do with friends or little kids.

We'd love to see some of your homemade hot cocoa charcuterie boards in the comments. Go on, make us drool!