4-Year-Old Twins Win Halloween With Donald Trump And Joe Biden Costumes

A pair of twin girls from Oklahoma have taken a topical approach to their Halloween costumes this year, and no matter what your political views are, I think we can all appreciate how positively adorable they look.

As Good Morning America reported, 4-year-old sisters Koti and Haven Garza have rightfully gone viral after dressing up as presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the scariest night of the year.

No, not election night. I'm talking about Halloween.

A video teasing the girls' costumes has gone viral on TikTok, garnering nearly three million views as of this writing.

In that clip showing brief shots of the costume pieces, the twins' mom, Adrea, explains that every year she puts her daughters in "some ridiculous Halloween costume", adding that "this year is no different."

Thanks to her, we get to see two little girls dressed up as 2020's arguably most talked-about people: President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Seriously, just look at how *stinkin' cute* they are, not to mention totally on point, from "Trump's" signature orange hue to "Biden's" responsible face mask.

In a photo of the girls uploaded to their official Instagram account, they can be seen in full costume standing side-by-side next to their characters' respective election signs.

In true Trump fashion, one twin is sporting an impressive pout and flashing a thumbs up while her "opponent" (AKA, her sister), looks calmly at the camera from behind a pretty rad pair of shaders.

Although the girls don't fully understand their costumes, Adrea says her daughters definitely recognize their characters after seeing them on TV so often.

"Koti was Donald Trump," mom Adrea told GMA. "She has the face and lips and thumbs down... I don't even know where she picked it up, [maybe] from TV."

"Haven is Biden," she continued. "Her favorite part of the costume is her white hair. She thought that was super cool."

After the video went viral online, Adrea said she's received comments from followers praising her daughters' costumes, and also some criticizing them.

A quick glance at the video's comment section shows some people quipping that the child dressed as Trump would be receiving no candy on Halloween night, while others claimed it was actually the mini Biden who would get ignored at the door.

However, Adrea made sure to clarify in the comments that these costumes are only for fun, and won't be the ones her daughters wear while trick-or-treating.

That still hasn't stopped people from claiming Adrea should have chosen other outfits for her daughters, though.

In fact, some have insisted the little girls belong in "princess" costumes, not political ones, an opinion which Adrea certainly doesn't really agree with.

"There's nothing wrong with dressing as a princess," the mom told GMA. "My girls do it all the time. But there's nothing wrong with dressing as the president of the United States either."

h/t: Good Morning America, TikTok

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