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Mom Creates Hilarious Breast Pump-kin That's So Relatable, It's Scary

Halloween is right around the corner which means it's time to grab your pumpkins and get into the carving spirit. Everyone knows that it's not quite Halloween without a few pumpkins to celebrate. Even though this year's Halloween celebrations will be slightly different than normal, it's safe to say we can all still get into the spirit if we try our best!

Every family knows that it's so much fun to decorate and carve pumpkins for the spooky season.

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Whether your family is big into carving spooky pumpkins to put outside on your doorstep or they like to paint them with funny faces and designs, pumpkin decorating is fun for everyone.

It's definitely not just for the kids, either.

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Adults and parents can get into the Halloween spirit by grabbing a pumpkin and making something wonderful, too. One mom recently discovered a hilarious idea to showcase true motherhood through Halloween decorating.

Instagram user @madeline_ann created a pumpkin display of her and her daughter that's so relatable, it's scary.

"Hair in a towel, blemish on the face, exhaustion, and pumping.... all with a happy and content baby next to me! I present to you, Capri and I as pumpkins!!" she wrote on Instagram.

Her Instagram post has nearly 2,000 likes on the platform.

In 2019, a similar photo was shared on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page and the the pumpkin was truly a 'pump-kin.'

Facebook l Breastfeeding Mama Talk

This anonymous mother also decorated the pumpkin as a real "pumpkin mom" who was "pumping." With breast pumps attached and little baby pumpkins to feed, this design was a total hit with moms.

The post was shared thousands of times on Facebook and had over 1,000 likes.


One mom even commented saying that she, "... never felt she would feel so relatable to a pumpkin." Any mom who is currently breastfeeding definitely feels SEEN by these hilarious pumpkins!