Hospital Dresses Up NICU Babies In Adorable Costumes For Halloween

With Halloween upon us, everyone is trying to get into that fun, spooky spirit. It seems like this year it's almost impossible to get excited about anything with the Coronavirus making things so hard on us all. But, there are some people who are doing everything they can to get the spirit going no matter where they are.

Many families are struggling with their plans this Halloween due to COVID-19.

Unsplash | David Menidrey

With some states saying that they don't want children out trick-or-treating this year and many people having to socially distance, it's hard for anyone to really make definite plans.

One hospital in Philadelphia is taking extra steps to have even their tiniest patients in on the spirit of Halloween.

Unsplash | Martha Dominguez de Gouveia

Although being in the hospital during Halloween is not ideal, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia found a way to get their smallest patients in the Halloween spirit by dressing them up for the occasion.

The hospital shared some of the photos of their babies from the NICU dressed up in totally adorable costumes.

"While Halloween this year will look and feel a little different, our Newborn/Infant Intensive Care Unit families and staff still found a way to have some fun! With costumes like a 'crazy cat lady', a sandwich (or as we say in Philadelphia, a 'hoagie'!), and the traditional pumpkin, we're not sure we could pick a winner - they're all so sweet," the post said.

This "cat lady" costume is just too much!

Everyone on Facebook just loved this one.

"The crazy cat lady? I think she's my fave," one person commented.

"This is awesome! So cute! We dressed my son up as a minion on his 1st Halloween while he was in the NICU," one person added.

This subway sandwich is just the BEST!

"Omg! Looks like a lil man w/ a mustache. I think this my fav," a Facebook user wrote.

"Bet this sammie is a foot long," someone joked.

A sweet little kitty.

"Look at them cheeks," one Facebook user commented.

"These little ones in their costumes are just the cutest! Hope it brought a smile to the faces of these babies concerned parents and families," someone said.

Who doesn't love pigs in a blanket?!?

"They are beautiful! Praying for the continued growth and health of these sweet babies," one Facebook user wrote.

"God bless CHOP! They performed miracles for my daughter. The kids, families, doctors and staff are in my prayers," someone said.

Who doesn't love this smiling monster!

"Love these dear little ones and the adorable costumes! Clever and fun," someone said.

"God bless those nurses and aides. He's already with the babies and their parents. Cute as can be," someone commented.

This one definitely is my favorite, a true fighter!

One mom whose daughter used to be in the CHOP NICU wrote, "Awee I love this hospital so much! You gave my heart warrior so much love while she was there! Now she’s almost 10 months!"

How touching and sweet! Happy Halloween to these little ones!

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