Pisco The Cat's Giant Dark Eyes Basically Make Him A Real-Life Puss In Boots

Every now and then, a piece of pop culture just perfectly captures a specific something in real life and becomes the thing from then on.

Pet owners have always known how their animals can lay on the look that's so damn cute that you will give them everything they ask for, plus a whole bunch of extras. "Puppy dog eyes" are often used to describe the look, but when Shrek 2 came out, we were all given the perfect visual reference.

Even now, 16 years later — God, I feel old — many of us still picture Puss in Boots when we imagine those round, begging eyes of adorableness.

Obviously, when Pisco the Cat was born, his humans didn't immediately note his similarity to the iconic character.

Like Puss, Pisco is a ginger cat, though more golden than orange, and Pisco is certainly fluffier.

But then there are those eyes...

Pisco's eyes are far more round than many cats, and when you add in their habit of dilating almost entirely to the edges of the iris, he's got the look down to an art.

His chubby cheeks just make the overall roundness of the eyes even more vivid.

Pisco is a three-year-old British shorthair and lives in NYC.

He's always been happy to look at a camera, as long as there is a treat or toy he wants being held up behind it.

I seriously find it hard to look at a pic for too long before wanting to give him every treat within reach.

And his over 500,000 followers on Instagram clearly agree.

You can join the love by following him there @pisco_cat.

Be warned, though, you may lose yourself in those adorable depths.

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