Quotes About Adulthood That Prove It's One Big Snooze Fest

Let's be honest here: being an adult is nothing to get excited about. Seriously, remember when you were younger and you thought reaching adulthood would be the very peak of your existence? Well, we're here now, and all I can say is, it's a snooze fest.

In my experience, being a grownup means spending an absurd amount of time planning meals (you're responsible for making all of those now), researching why your leg might hurt (you'll never know), and going to bed before 10 PM (the same bedtime you had when you were in middle school).

If you're also feeling a little letdown by the boring realities of adulthood, I think you're really going to relate to these quotes.

"Trust me, you NEED one."

When I talk to anyone anymore, our conversations largely consist of me trying to talk them into purchasing a "life-changing" air fryer, even though mine just sits in the cupboard 99% of the time.

But for real, you gotta get one. You just gotta.

It all makes sense now.

I can distinctly remember thinking my parents were kinda cool for choosing to stay in and watch movies as their date night instead of going out or hanging with their friends.

But now I realize they were literally just too exhausted to even consider leaving the house.

Adulthood: a summary.

Seriously, what is the source of all this dust? The dirt and crumbs I can understand, but the dust? Do I have a window open somewhere? Why is my entire house caked in the stuff?


This is why dads are so stingy about the thermostat.

I have the same reaction when it comes time for air conditioner season. I just sit in my comfortably cool house, scowling at the unit and thinking about all the money I'm going to spend this summer.

Being an adult is great.