Twitter Is Debating If $25,000 A Year Is Too Low For Prince William And Kate's New Housekeeper

Look, I would do literally anything in an effort to get close to the Royal family, and I know I'm not alone in this thought. So when I heard Prince William and Kate Middleton were looking to hire a new housekeeper for $25,000 a year, I was intrigued!

Turns out, many people on social media did, too!

Of course, no one should be surprised that Prince William and Kate Middleton need some help! As "normal" and humble as they are, they are Royals, after all!

So when news broke that the pair were looking for a new housekeeper for their Kensington Palace abode, so many people wanted to apply!

However, the yearly salary of $25,000 for this new position has been a hot button topic on social media.

Considering it is aligned with the average income in the U.K., some were arguing on Twitter that it is a fair wage.

"£19,140 (equivalents to $25K USD) which is above average housekeeping salary in the U.K.," tweeted @flyingboomerang.

Another user pointed out that rent, food, and travel would be covered, adding additional value to the position.

However, that argument didn't hold up for Twitter users who have had the personal live-in nanny experience: "As a person who works inside the home and has been a live in nanny I can tell you that live in positions are WORSE . You never feel like you are 'off the clock,'" argued @gabbakitten.

In addition to the workload, user @mariahdiscog mentioned that the family's high-profile would add more stress to the job.

"Exactly. Paying a housekeeper UNDER $25K for that enormous property & for a high profile couple that will likely require even more work is absurd," they tweeted.

"That ain't vacation traveling, that's work. You wouldn't SHARE anything, you WORK for them. I can eat good and travel the world without working for a rich family," echoed @SpiceUpdatess.

Most tragically, this new housekeeper wouldn't have any meals with garlic, as was pointed out by Twitter user @zendayalefteye.

"they don't have garlic in their food. miss me with it," she tweeted, in reference to the rumor that Queen Elizabeth doesn't let anyone eat garlic in Buckingham Palace.

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