Henry Cavill Reveals He Would Have Been A Marine If He Wasn't An Actor

Henry Cavill is known for being many things. He's gorgeous. He's talented. He's buff. He loves taking selfies with horses — these things we all know to be true.

Something fans might not know is that Henry almost didn't pursue an acting career. His love for the Royal Marines Corps means a lot to him, and he recently revealed he would have been a marine if he wasn't in Hollywood!

Henry Cavill is best known for being Superman in the DC extended universe.

He is also the lead character in the popular The Witcher series, as well as Sherlock Holmes in the Netflix Original Enola Holmes!

But if the universe didn't turn Henry's tides to acting, he would have been a MARINE!

To be fair, I don't know which uniform would look BETTER on Mr. Cavill.

Speaking on Instagram, the 37-year-old actor wished the Royal Marines Corps a happy birthday!

The actor captioned the pic, "Some of you may know that one of my brothers is a Royal Marine. So, I've long had a relationship with them, of sorts. Its also what I would probably be doing if the film industry hadn't got me first."

"Both of these things led to me becoming an Ambassador for the Royal Marines charity quite a few years ago. An ambassadorship of which I am enormously proud."

"The legacy of the Royal Marines is long, 356 years to be precise. Which so happens to make their "birth" year, 1664, which so happens to also be a lager, which makes celebrating their birthday rather easy. "

He concluded: "But to be fair, when it comes to bootnecks (Royal Marines), anything will do! Cheers gents!"

What a lovely message! HBD, Marines!