Quotes For Us Average Cooks Who Are Just Trying Not To Burn Water

I'm not sure I'd say I'm a bad cook. I'm more of an indifferent one. Unlike baking, which I love, cooking has this casual attitude to it that for some reason turns my analytical brain off entirely.

Is baking a science, while cooking is more an art? Maybe, but even with cooking, there are some basic, science-y details you need to pay attention to.

Like actually preheating the oven or turning the damn burner on.

You would think I'd have built up the muscle memory or something when it comes to which switch is which.

Hell, 90 percent of the time, I use the same front burner every time.

So it's not like I'm remembering the details of four separate burners.

And yet, I still found myself just the other night, standing at the stove wondering why it was taking so damn long for the butter in the pan to melt.

In a nice twist to the usual, though, it wasn't that the wrong burner was on.

No, instead I'd simply turned the burner on low instead of high. As though I had any excuse for not knowing which way to twist the knob after six years of using the stove.

Thankfully, though, it didn't bode as poorly for the remainder of the cooking process. Though it did take twice as long for my chicken to cook as the recipe said it would.