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TV Host's Criticism Of Joe And Hunter Biden Prompts Twitter Users To Share Their Own Father-Son Pics

With the 2020 election coming up, it seems that Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the only things that people can talk about lately. From systemic change to COVID-19 responses, everyone is wondering what is in store for the United States of America after November 3rd. Despite the ongoing troubles of a global pandemic, the world is looking at these two men to take the stage and bring forth some sort of relief for millions of people.

Recently, many people have been talking about Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

The drama and chaos that surround the presidential election always include the candidate's families. Both Trump and Biden's families have been forced into the spotlight and scrutinized heavily during this time.

Recently, Twitter has been talking about a portrait that was shared of Joe and Hunter Biden.

Biden is seen kissing his son on the cheek. On Twitter, TV host John Cardillo tweeted the photo asking his followers, "Does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you?"

One person agreed with Cardillo and said the photo is "strange" because it is a "studio photo."

Twitter user Jessica Carbone said that because the picture is "staged" and is a "studio photo," it's definitely strange. But, she said, if it were a candid moment captured between a father and son, it would be a different story.

However, the tweet generated a lot of mixed reactions. It even started a viral movement and conversation about father-son affection.

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The photo was retweeted over 15,000 times and currently has 69,000 comments.

Other Twitter users saw nothing wrong with the photo at all and thought that the photo was touching and sweet.

One Twitter user, Melissa, said that this father-son photo is no different than similar photos that mothers take with their daughters. She said people had a negative reaction to it because society doesn't see images of "affectionate dads" often.

Another Twitter user and author, Liz Plank, asked that people respond in a different way to Cardillo's tweet than just giving their opinions.

Plank suggested people reply to the tweet with photos of their dads holding them.

This lead to thousands of tweets from people sharing photos of sons and their fathers embracing each other and sharing affection. Many Twitter users wanted to showcase that there's nothing wrong with father-son love.

Twitter user Jim Fantini shared a photo of himself with his father, embracing on the beach.

He said that the photo was his father's "last visit to the ocean." Additionally, he said his dad always said goodbye with a "kiss and I love you."

Twitter user Jodi Crickmore shared a photo of her husband and her son kissing.

Jodi said that their son is blind, but he just started to walk around on his own. And, he uses his "newfound skills" to seek out his daddy for a kiss.

Some people even shared photos of their family with their own sons.

Nikos Apergis shared a photo of his brother with his twin sons. He added that, "If you love someone and you don't show it just because you think emotions are not a 'macho' thing, it's your loss."

One of the most powerful responses came from a Twitter user whose father passed away.

Twitter user Matt McClellan shared a photo of his brother and their dad, taken shortly before their dad's death.

Despite differences in political affiliations, it seems that these Twitter users agreed that affection between fathers and sons should be normalized.