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Joe Manganiello Shows Off Dramatic Bleach Blonde Hair Transformation

We love a dramatic transformation from celebrities. Whether it's embracing the grey and becoming a silver fox or a physical change after a huge fitness journey, there's something satisfying about seeing a big change on a beloved celebrity.

Joe Manganiello's recent transformation has certainly turned a lot of heads, even if it might be for a movie role!

You've almost definitely seen Joe Manganiello before.

He rose to fame playing the hunky werewolf Alcide in True Blood, but gained a lot of attention for his role in Magic Mike and Magic Mike: XXL.

He's also married to Sofia Vergara, and they're a truly unfairly attractive couple!

Joe's been rocking dark hair for most of his career.

While he's varied it up with different lengths and different facial hair styles (including a pretty dramatic salt and pepper beard that we were definitely fans of) over the years, he's never strayed too far from the Joe we all know and love.

Until now!

Joe recently showed off a pretty startling change — he's gone for a bleach blonde mohawk and grey goatee combo!

There's some rumblings that this is for a job in the upcoming Justice League movies, but maybe Joe just decided he wanted a change!

It certainly is dramatic!

What do you think? Do you love Joe's new, edgier look, or are you hoping that it's only for a role and as soon as filming is done, we'll get back to old Joe knew, loved, and thirsted over? Let us know in the comments!