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Home Depot Is Selling A 'Charlie Brown' Christmas Tree So You Can Celebrate In Nostalgic Style

There are few things more cozy than curling up with loved ones under a blankey to watch a nostalgic holiday movie, especially if that movie is A Charlie Brown Christmas.

As we all know, the central character of that particular movie was a sad-looking Christmas tree that Charlie Brown really believe in, and that was able to radiate holiday spirit from even its most pathetic little needles.

Now you can have your very own sad/amazing tree that will spark all the holiday nostalgia and joy.

Christmastime is here.

Home Depot

It seems like yesterday when Linus and Charlie Brown were teaching us all that with a little TLC and a bit of Christmas magic, a tiny tree can magically transform into a giant, lush one.

This little tree from Home Depot doesn't just take us down memory lane with its appearance, it also plays the iconic Peanuts song “Christmastime Is Here.” Get your tissues ready, because this one's gonna hit you right in the feels.

Good grief, we love this tree so much and can't wait to add it to our holiday tableau.

Home Depot

This single-branched tree is perfectly modelled after its movie inspiration, right down to the solitary red bulb ornament hanging off its limp branch. It's also finished off with Linus’s blue blanket wrapped around the bottom, because everything's better with a blue blanket.

Home Depot definitely isn't failing when it comes to authenticity or cuteness with this tree.

The wooden base is also emblazoned with the Peanuts logo and an image of Snoopy.

Though it be little, it be mighty. It just needs a little love.

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While the size of this 24-inch tree may be laughable to some, we think it's the perfect dimension for a tabletop decoration, an addition to your holiday mantle, or just in place of where you'd put your regular tree. After all, it just needs a little love to live up to its full potential.

It's not large enough to fit a pile of presents underneath, but it definitely succeeds in giving us all of the Charlie Brown feels that we could ever ask for, and that's pretty magical.

Get ready to make this holiday season full of love and watch this little branch grow into a full-blown Christmas tree.

This may not be your typical Christmas card-worthy tree, but as we learned from Charlie Brown himself, it's not what's under the tree that matters, it's who's around it.

You can find the Peanuts 24-inch Musical Charlie Brown Tree at Home Depot for around $18. And you can even get Snoopy LED Christmas lights to decorate it.

Don't delay, there's no guarantee these trees will last all season.

If you pick one up, let us know what you think of it in the comments and share a picture. Let's make our favorite blockhead proud.

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