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Aldi Has ChocoSecco Wine For Only $6.99, So Step Aside, Plain Ol' Prosecco

The holidays just got a whole lot sweeter and saucier with Aldi's new ChocoSecco Wine that sounds absolutely divine.

This chocolatey sparkling wine is uniquely rich. It's definitely unusual to see these things mixed together, but we're pretty sure it's actually a match made in heaven.

We're more than ready to feed our sweet tooth and our wine tooth all in one delightful sip.

This ChocoSecco has us feeling wined and dined.


With so many celebrations going on during the holidays, this chocolate wine is a must. Prosecco goes famously well with chocolate, so it's no surprise that this would make an ideal pairing.

Sometimes we've just got to indulge ourselves.

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Don't be afraid to have some chocolate with your ChocoSecco. We're pretty sure in the case of chocolate and wine, there really is no such thing as too much, especially in 2020.

Whether the glass is half empty or half full, just keep it comin'.

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Even if chocolatey wine doesn't particularly speak to you, most of us have a loved one, or several, that would simply love this wine.

Fill er' up!

These ChocoSecco wine bottles are around $6.99 and will hit the shelves starting on Nov. 25. Don't wait too long to get your bottle because everyone will rushing over for their holiday treats soon.

Planning on giving this a go? Let us know your thoughts.

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