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Costco Is Selling 6-Packs Of Mini Champagne Because You Have A Lot Of Reasons To Be Poppin' Bottles

Are you ready to celebrate good times? Because Costco's got you covered.

The supermarket giant is selling six-packs of mini bottles of Moet & Chandon champagne so that you can crack one at a moment's notice without having to worry about how to save whatever is left over. (You know, in the event that you have any leftovers when you pop a large bottle.)

We'll definitely cheers to that!

Bring a little bit of magic to every happy hour.

It's time to get hyped for the stone fruit and brioche flavors in these mini Moets.

This isn't the six-pack that most people think of, but it's definitely the six-pack that most people dream of.

No flute? No bucket? No problem.

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The great thing about these packs is that they're totally self-sufficient — which you probably never really expected from your champagne, but there you go.

Each bottle comes with a mini flute attachment for easy drinking, and the box transforms into an ice bucket so you can keep your minis chilled.

Good things come in small packages — or six-packs.

These packs come with six 187-milliliter bottles of Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut. It's perfect portion control if you're trying not to overdo it in one sitting.

We can't complain about this champagne.

We know, champagne sounds kind of bougie for a regular weeknight. But at this point, just getting through the day is cause for celebration.

Each pack runs for $59.99 at Costco.