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Twitter User's Mom Dresses Up As Him For Halloween

Halloween is less than a week away and everyone is trying their best to come up with some original and unique costumes that they can wear for the spooky season. While some people are going with the classic costumes like witches and ghosts, others are trying to be a bit more creative.

Some parents are even involving their kids, like this one dad who turned his daughter into a Zoom call for Halloween this year.

It's hard to find a way to be absolutely unique and original with many people staying "home" and social distancing.

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Not everyone wants to go to the store and try on things, costumes, and props this year. With COVID-19 upon us, some people are trying to use things that they simply already have at home.

One Twitter user's mom seems to be the type that is just creative enough to come up with the best Halloween costume.

Twitter user Trenton shared his mom's 2016 Halloween costume on Twitter and immediately, it went viral. Even though the costume is from four years ago, it's a total inspiration for moms looking for a fun way to celebrate this year.

Trenton's mom dressed up as, well, her son for Halloween.

The Twitter user shared a side-by-side photo of himself taking a mirror picture and his mom, in costume as him, taking a mirror picture. The similarities are uncanny!

The mom also posed for some photos next to her son in matching outfit aesthetics.

The mom stood next to her son in his clothing, including a shirt, pants, and sneakers. She copied everything down to his facial hair and his man-bun, too. It looks like they're identical twins!

She even got his expression down to a tee.

Trenton's mom even got his "awkward smile" down perfectly. The two took a close-up selfie together to showcase just how much effort his mom put into this costume.

Since 2016, the tweet has been talked about quite a lot.

The tweet has 31,800 retweets and 68,100 likes. On Twitter, that's quite a lot of talk about a Halloween costume that a mom simply just created out of things from her son's wardrobe.

People online absolutely loved this concept and idea.

Even a year later, people were still talking about the tweet and sharing it online. One person said that the costume "will never get old." That's for sure!

One person pointed out that his mom looked like Mariah Carey in the music video for "Obsessed."

And, they're not totally wrong. In the video, Mariah Carey also dresses up as a guy (who, is supposed to be Eminem in the music video).

If you're stuck with trying to come up with a costume that will totally be a "win" this year, why not try it out yourself?

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If you're a parent to teens, it would be absolutely hilarious to see you dress up in their attire and copy their "vibe." Moms and dads out there, we dare you to try it out yourself!

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