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This 8-Foot 'Christmas Vacation' Inflatable Globe Projects Actual Scenes From The Movie

No one, and we mean no one, is as jazzed for Christmas as Clark Griswold. And frankly, with the year we've had, we all deserve to get just as excited as he does.

So why not nerd out over the most wonderful time of the year with an eight-foot National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation snow globe inflatable that projects scenes from the movie? It's both nostalgic and festive.

It's time to join the Griswolds all over again this year without even leaving our homes. This is truly a way to show everyone in your neighborhood your Christmas spirit, plus your love for the movie, in a big way.

"This is crazy! This is crazy! This is crazy!"

Home Depot

This is not your garden variety lawn inflatable; it's actually a projector that shows scenes from the movie.

This air-blown inflatable globe includes a light show projector that loops different moving scenes and sounds from Christmas Vacation. So, basically, you're providing your neighbors with a screening.

Don't be surprised if you find them lingering at your lawn.

It's a family and neighborhood affair.

The globe shows five scenes from the movie and four transitional scenes, so it may be time for everyone to pull up a chair for a great show.

Of course, with social distancing protocols in place, your front lawn may turn into a drive-in. You could very well be responsible for creating a traffic jam on your street.

We're feeling merrier already.

Home Depot

These snow globes are fully equipped with a weather-proof container, a power adapter, and lawn stakes, which means they can resist the most dramatic of winter weather — and hopefully any tinkering from errant squirrels or cats, too.

They're so durable, they're sure to last for many Christmases to come. So, get ready to have the neighbors camping out on your front lawn for the foreseeable holiday future.

It's time to grab a globe, pull up a chair, and get down with the Griswolds.

It might be tough deciding between getting a Christmas Vacation inflatable snow globe or decking out your house with hundreds of lights for a Griswold-inspired light show. But maybe you'll be swayed by the fact that you can also project your own movies onto the globe.

So, if you fancy yourself a Clark Griswold of sorts, be sure to film your own Christmas antics and screen them for the whole neighborhood. They might even say you're responsible for the hap-hap-happiest Christmas they've ever had.

Head over to Home Depot to snag one of these epic globes and give your neighbors a Christmas to remember.

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