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Chris Hemsworth Encourages Fans To Meditate In Series Of Relaxing New Videos

Chris Hemsworth could get pretty much anyone to do pretty much anything.

If Chris Hemsworth asked me to eat a ghost pepper while skydiving out of an airplane, I'd do it for HIM!

So when the actor took to Instagram to share a series of relaxing meditation videos, fans were eager to take part in whatever their king was cooking up!

Chris Hemsworth is known for being the ultimate superhero. I mean, he's THOR for crying out loud!

But what fans may not know is the actor has a gentle side. A calm side. A side only reserved for those who are lucky enough to follow him on Instagram.

As you may already know, Chris Hemsworth owns a fitness app called Centr.

Now, to promote the meditation feature included in his app, the actor is posting calming (and hilarious) videos of himself meditating in various locations.

The videos feature positive affirmations and sometimes, his kids!

"When the distractions just won’t stop coming no matter where you go, gently brush them aside. Gently, of course. They have feelings too," he captioned his underwater video, featuring an adorable interruption from his son.

Needless to say, these videos have totally inspired me to take a break and relax WITH Chris.

I truly cannot think of a better way to spend my weekend than with Chris Hemsworth in a flower patch!

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