Dad Makes His Daughter An Interactive 'Zoom Meeting' Costume For Halloween

2020 has been one weird year. From the very beginning, it seems that things have just gotten worse and even stranger over time. This was the year we will all look back on and tell our grandchildren, "I can't believe I survived 2020." Between the global pandemic and just about everything else that has gone array this year, it's safe to say we all are counting down the hours until New Years'.

There were events in 2020 we all experienced on a global scale.

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From quarantining and wearing masks to social distancing and buying toilet paper in bulk, many of us experienced some strange firsts together.

One thing many of us also experienced was using apps like Zoom to communicate with each other.

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Whether you use Zoom or Google Meets, many of us needed to use video conferencing tools to communicate for school or work purposes during the pandemic.

It's become a new staple of people's lives to use these video tools.

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From educators teaching students online to businessmen conducting presentations to their teams, many people are relying on Zoom and other platforms to get the job done. It's safe to say that almost everyone has used Zoom at some point during the pandemic.

One dad decided that this year, a Zoom meeting would make the perfect Halloween costume for his daughter.

Dad Greg Dietzenbach shared a video of his daughter's costume to Twitter and it's gone viral on the social media platform for the best reason — the costume is absolutely incredible.

The Iowa-based father said it was an idea to symbolize how everyone's 2020 has gone.

"2020 has been so difficult for everyone. There seems to be a major deficit in good news, and with the upcoming election, divisions between people have only increased. I'm happy this costume has brought so many people joy," he told People.

For the costume itself, Greg said it wasn't extremely difficult to make.

The dad used a large foam board to create the "Zoom interface" and used a photo editing program to make each person/character's Zoom video box.

His daughter is there, front and center.

The Zoom board features his daughter, Ada, and other Halloween-themed monsters with her. Her face takes center of the Zoom call, dubbing her the "Masked Monster."

But, he also included people handing out candy in the Zoom call, too.

Using an iPad, Greg was able to make the Zoom costume interactive. People handing out candy are dubbed the "next victim" and are actually able to see themselves in one of the video boxes. It really is super awesome to see this all play out!

Greg details how to make the costume online for people who are interested in recreating it themselves.

For those who want to see how this costume was made and are also interested in seeing how to recreate it themselves, Greg has a breakdown on YouTube. 10/10 for innovative dad-ing.

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