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Microsoft Made An Xbox Fridge After A Popular Meme Compared The Series X Console To One

It's time for all Xbox fans to rejoice, because the popular meme depicting the Series X console is now officially a real fridge.

Xbox sent two of these fully operational refrigerators to YouTube influencer iJustine and iconic rapper Snoop Dogg, and they were not disappointed.

It looks like gamers just found an epic way to store their snacks for many epic gaming seasons to come.

It's time level up on your fridge game.

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The Xbox Series X memes started as audiences responded to the new console's fridge-like design and shape. So Aaron Greenberg, the head of the brand's marketing team, couldn't resist.

Instead of fighting the console's new reputation, he decided to roll with it, and many of us are getting chills from all of the hype.

Let the games begin.

Snoop Dogg shared his first impressions of the refrigerator that includes automated music that plays when the door is opened.

Snoop's fridge comes fully equipped with some goodies customized just for him and he ends his video with a big smile, which is probably the way just about any gamer would respond to these game-changing fridges.

This is truly X-citing!

iJustine was in for a similar surprise as her refrigerator was specially delivered to her home.

The excited influencer opened it up to discover some fun music, not to mention a seemingly endless amount of fridge storage.

All of this was wrapped in what looks like the official box design for the actual console.

These console-inspired fridges are beating every level.

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While we can't say if these refrigerators will ever be available for the general public, we can definitely say that the Xbox Series X consoles will be.

Xbox Series X and S are slated for a worldwide release on Nov. 10, and are priced at $499 and $300, respectively.

Let us know what you think of the refrigerators and the new Xbox consoles in the comments!

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