16+ Crazy Pics Capturing Things We Rarely See

If you spend all day stuck inside, you're not likely to look at much that's going to surprise you. That said, if you spend all day stuck inside with internet access, you can see all kinds of rare stuff on your phone or computer screen.

What I'm trying to say here is: why go out and seek adventure when you can view it from the comfort of your living room?

Hairball for dinner.

Reddit | yanbochen

Y'know, as mold goes, this isn't the grossest thing I've ever seen. Still, it's pretty gross what can happen to a plate of spaghetti with mushrooms after it's been forgotten.

Relic of a different time.

It's hard to believe that everybody was as excited as they were for the turn of the millenium. Case in point: ridiculous merchandise like this that people actually bought.

Ikea warriors.

Reddit | FrenzyIII

I like those big, crinkly Ikea bags as much as the next guy, but these outfits show devotion to the product that I can only dream of.


When a coffee spill forms the shape of a duck, what is one to do with such an omen? Quack in solidarity? Find the nearest pond and feed the ducks?

Mother of (plant) dragons.

Reddit | Pikakong

This succulent (complete with storm trooper) formed the shape of some kind of dragon or sandworm. When I try to grow succulents, they just straight-up die.

I feel this pic.

Reddit | secondofmyname

Look at the bottom side of this person's hand, where you can literally see the muscle cramp taking place. We've all felt it, but rarely do we ever see it. Ouch.

Hidden room.

Reddit | SoDakZak

This hidden doorway is absolutely delightful. Unfortunately, it doesn't lead to anywhere that interesting — just the furnace room. Still, I love it.


Reddit | Subhashini

Butterflies (and caterpillars, obviously) come in all sorts of weird shapes and colors. This crimson rose caterpillar can be seen metamorphosing into a butterfly.

Familiar, but hard to place.

Reddit | HoggyOfAustralia

It takes a second to realize what those weird belts hanging from the ceiling actually are. They're old escalators, which have been repurposed as accent pieces.

What we all need.

Reddit | b6a6a6l

I've seen pics of these wondrous bedsheets with smartphone pockets built in, but I've never encountered these in a store. I hope they become more common in the years ahead.

Cyberpunk vibes.

Reddit | lordchristiaanp

This docking bay includes helpful lasers to assist drivers in backing up perfectly. As an added bonus, everybody gets to enjoy the whole aesthetic of lasers.

A find 65 million years in the making.

Reddit | what_to_be

This 15th century basement includes stuff much older than the 15 century, notably dinosaur bones. This find must have made some archaeologists very, very happy.


Reddit | TheAdroanzii

This hilariously adorable pic shows the lengths that panda caretakers will go to in nurturing baby pandas. They're not convincing their fellow humans, but hopefully they convince those pandas.

Doctors were way scarier back in the day.

Reddit | SaturnsMoonTitan

This is a bona fide plague doctor mask from the 17th century. Those long snouts didn't do anything to stop the spread of disease, but they did look pretty badass.

Hard time.

Reddit | Treked

This pic of a prison cell in Denmark drives home the stark contrast between correctional systems in Scandinavia and the United States.

My mind is blown.

These coins from the Cook Islands are...triangular. I've never even considered the possibility of encountering coins that were anything but circular.

Snek sizes.

Reddit | Capital_Invite

These two snakes — one a baby, the other mature — are from the same species. It's hard to believe that such a tiny little snake will grow to that size.

That rug must be absorbent.

Reddit | madewitheggs

This rug is essentially a gigantic paper towel. Or maybe the paper towel is just a tiny rug. Either way, they're clearly twins.

Murder hornets contained.

Reddit | Thinking4Ai

Eradicating murder hornets is not an easy task. Here's the kind of protective gear that's necessary when removing a colony.


Reddit | TheLeftyCurve

When you're part of a Mennonite sect that uses horses and buggies, it kind of makes sense that seeing a supercar in person would cause you to stop and stare.

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