Quotes For Anyone Who Crosses Their Fingers At The Register

Have you ever found yourself at the cash register, getting ready to tap your debit card, and suddenly felt the strong urge to cross your fingers? Yeah, same.

At this point, that thing is more like a gift card that I forgot to write the remaining balance on the back of, because each time I tap it, it's a surprise to everyone involved whether I actually have enough money to pay for my purchases or not.

If you're also someone who likes to say a little prayer before tapping your card, I think you're really going to enjoy these quotes!

If only...

Honestly, it doesn't even need to be that thick. I'd settle for it being as thick as my thumb, or maybe even my pinky finger.

Any thickness would do, really. I just need money.

It's you. You're the mistake.

I like to play this game where I get outraged and think that the bank has somehow messed up something on their end, when in fact I'm the problem because I have absolutely zero self control.


No, you're right, money can't buy happiness. But it would literally solve all my problems, and then preemptively solve any future problems that are bound to come up.

So yeah, kindly send me a message and we can get this bank transfer going.

Blissful ignorance at its finest.

If I'm being totally honest, I really only check my bank statement when I have to pay a bill and can't avoid looking at what's left in there.

Otherwise I like to go about in life pretending everything's fine and that thing is bottomless.

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