10+ Celebrity Photobombs That Are Simply Iconic

There's hardly anyone who doesn't appreciate a good photobomb. In Hollywood, they've become almost second nature. Celebs just can't help themselves or so it would seem.

That's why I've compiled these 10+ celebrity photobombs that are simply iconic. Not only are they hilarious but it helps us to see that our favorite stars and celebs are just as playful as us!

Dave Chappelle.

I think that if more couples had incredible photobombs like these in their homes, the divorce rates in this country would plummet.

Think about it, there's no way you'd ever break up if you had a picture as cool as this keeping you together.


Slash is of course the legendary guitarist/co-frontman of the '80s Rock band, Guns N' Roses.

I really hope he tapped her on the shoulder and gave this nice lady a big old hug for being so obviously awesome.

Dwayne Wade.

If ever you needed a sign that your marriage was meant to be, Dwayne Wade walking down the beach at the exact moment you propose has to be it.

I wonder if Dwayne will get a wedding invite?

Bryan Cranston.

As cool as Bryan Cranston photobombing Ty Burell is, it's not what captivates me the most in this photo.

Look at Ty's shirt — there's a ring of sweat around his collar. What on earth was he doing?

Amy Schumer.

This is such an incredibly awkward photo I have a hard time looking at it. Judging by how standoff-ish these two gents look, I'm guessing that they aren't Amy Schumer fans.

Also, what's up with the weird elbow-to-shoulder touch?

Zach Braff.

I like to believe that Zach Braff has moments where he needs to let his inner John Dorian out.

You've got to admit that photobombing a couple in the middle of their wedding photos is so JD.

Jason Mamoa.

This makes me laugh because it looks as if it could be a blooper from Aquaman.

Imagine, the King of Atlantis rises out of the ocean right in the middle of a happy couple's photoshoot and then skulks away as to not interrupt.

Classic Arthur Curry.

Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen.

Reddit | jaapgrolleman

This is one of those photos that every concert fan dreams of.

For the rest of her life, this young woman will be able to say that in this exact moment, The Boss was singing just for her.

Aaron Paul.

Don't you just get this innate feeling that Aaron Paul would be the coolest person to attend a music festival with?

Like he's the kind of guy who knows how to rally the troops when they need it most.

I love the energy, Aaron.

Ken Jeong.

The jury is still out on how deliberate or planned this photobomb may have been. Either way, it's iconic simply for the expression on Ken's face.

The fact that he's a Dodger fan is unfortunate, but I won't hold it against him.

Justin Trudeau.

In a single photobomb, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said to the nation of Canada — "Why so serious?"

They say a good politician never turns down a photo opportunity. Clearly, Justin seems to agree.

Justin Timberlake.

Look at the guy on the left: he just seems in complete and total shock. I wonder what song, Justin?

I'm going with "Mirror." At least that's what I'd tell people if I were these guys.

Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat.

Imagine bargaining for one member of the Arrested Development cast and winding up with three?! The face that Michael Cera is making is priceless, and take a look at his outfit.

Is anyone else getting a serious Paddington Bear vibe?

Benedict Cumberbatch.

I love Benedict. Were I to be given the chance to photobomb U2, I'd like to hope I'd do the same thing in his place.

I am curious how he got up so high — did he jump?


Here is a melon-scratcher for you: is Jay-Z photobombing Vin Diesel or is Vin Diesel walking in front of a photo of Jay-Z?

The world may never know but we can fight about it in the meantime.

Steven Tyler.

This woman got the photobomb of a lifetime thanks to Steven Tyler who appeared in the photo.

Considering he's one of the most famous rockstars of all time, she probably was over the moon!

John Krasinski.

Imagine taking a selfie and John Krasinski appears in the background of it?

I sincerely hope these two people knew who Krasinski was because this is truly a great photo. If only it could happen to me...

Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm.

Jimmy Fallon loves doing celebrity photobombs. He makes the day of fans everywhere, and has a great time with the celebrity he chooses to do it with!

Jon Hamm obviously had a great time doing this video as well!

Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pratt, and Chris Evans.

This is one of the most beloved videos for Marvel fans, mostly for the fact that people were astounded when they watched Chris Evans jump over Chris Pratt!

They definitely made the day of all these fans who had no idea what was going on.

Bill Gates.

Imagine visiting Microsoft and Bill Gates of all people appears in your photo? Wild.

Plus, that's such a good photobomb. There is nothing like a corner shot, if you ask me. It's a classic.

Sir Patrick Stewart.

An already iconic photo with the wonderful Hugh Jackman becomes even better thanks to the appearance of a wild Sir Patrick Stewart in the background.

This is the only photobomb that matters, people.

Taylor Swift.

I think the caption says it all, some of these facial expressions can definitely be considered creepy.

But, if you ask me, that's kind of what makes the pictures even better! Good job, Taylor.

Joe Jonas.

Joe Jonas is apparently the king of photobombs! Whether he's photobombing fans or celebrities, he knows how to make every photo a million times better.

Maybe he should be crowned king of the photobomb.

Selena Gomez.

Even celebrities get photobombed sometimes!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was the victim this time as Selena Gomez dropped in on a selfie that the actor was taking. Personally, I like this photo even better now!

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A fan was trying to take a picture with Sylvester Stallone, but Schwarzenegger wasn't going to allow his friend to steal the spotlight!

So he stole it for himself! Now that is a power move, people.

Jimmy Fallon and Miley Cyrus.

We end it with yet another video compilation of Jimmy Fallon, but this time, with Miley Cyrus!

Which celebrity photobomb was your favorite? Let us know down below in the comment section! We would love to hear from you.