Endangered Indian Rhino Calf Born At Oklahoma City Zoo — And It's Adorable

Breaking news!

The most adorable baby rhino has been born at the Oklahoma City Zoo. Don't think this qualifies as important in this dumpster fire of a year?

Just look at it! That face is exactly the kind of important breaking news I think we all need these days.

Cute dogs, cats, hedgehogs, pandas, etc., the internet has them all, but who knew that an Indian rhino would have a face that beats them all in terms of sheer adorableness.

The pregnancy of 13-year-old mom rhino, Niki, was announced back in February.

Indian rhinos have a 16-month gestation period and judging by how far along she was, staff estimated that Niki would give birth in late October or early November.

And they were right on the mark.

In the wee morning hours of October 23, Niki gave birth to her healthy baby. It's her second successful birth since joining the Zoo's species conservation program in 2009.

For now, the calf's sex isn't known.

Staff has only been able to visually inspect mom and baby from afar, but both are looking strong and healthy.

Once it's safe to do so, an up close exam will be done to determine biological sex.

Visitors to the zoo won't have to wait nearly as long for a glimpse of the cutie, though.

Weather permitting, mom and baby may be wandering around openly in their Sanctuary Asia habitat.

Indian rhinos are born without a horn and it won't begin to grow visibly until around six years old.

h/t: OKC Zoo

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