Quotes For When Technology Is Your Nemesis

As a Millennial, I like to think that I'm pretty tech savvy. Thanks to an adolescence spent hogging my family's phone line for late night chatroom sessions, some basic programming courses, and more than a few rounds of upgrading my PC myself, I'm probably ahead of most of my peers.

I did all that stuff out of a fascination with emerging technologies and a complete lack of worry in terms of breaking something. Eventually, my parents learned not to scold me for disassembling our boxy computer, because it would probably work better afterwards anyway.

So *why* does modern, post-iPhone launch technology hate me so much?

Seriously, the "smarter" applications and devices have gotten, the more they seem to actively fight me.

Which probably means I don't think the same way as most people.

If the Apples and Googles of the world are building their tech to make sense to the widest number of people, then I am clearly not most people.

I've come to terms with that. For the most part, I'm happy to not have to dismantle a whole tower on a semi-regular basis because Windows 98 has decided that my new graphics card speaks Klingon and just shrugs at me when I try to update the drivers.

I don't actually miss that part.

I do, however, sometimes miss tactile keyboards where I knew that my misspelled password was probably from an actual typo and not just autocorrect making up words it thinks those random characters are supposed to spell.

If it could just stop that, I'd be happier.

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