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Buffalo Wangz Is A Chicken Wing-Flavored Beer And We're Ready To Crack A Cold One

If you love beer and wings, we've got some pretty epic news for you.

Martin House Brewing Co. has crafted the best of both worlds with their chicken wing-flavored beer.

We know you must be both intrigued but also a little bit confused. Don't worry, we are too. However, we have a sneaking suspicion that these beers may truly hit the spot.

Buffalo Wangz is brewing up some seriously saucy beer.

We never thought these beers would be a thing, but now that they are, we're dying to get our hands on one.

These sour beers are literally like buffalo wing sauce with 5.2-percent ABV that can get you a little tipsy.

Things are getting pretty spicy.

These unique and exclusive beers are only available at the Martin House Brewing taproom in Texas, so it'll be quite the journey for many to get this reward, unless they already live in Texas.

We bet buffalo wing-flavored beer goes well with a bunch of buffalo wings.

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Let's face it, if this beer appeals to you, you're probably a truly devoted buffalo wing and beer drinker, so we see no reason not to take things to the next level with some more wings.

Things will likely get very spicy, so get ready for one rich and savory ride for your taste buds.

Let's toast to this unusual brew.

If you manage to make it to the Martin House Brewing taproom, you can grab a four-pack of this sour Buffalo Wing Sauce beer for around $18.

If you try this saucy brew, let us know in the comments, we're dying to know what you think.