Jean-Claude Van Damme Saves A Puppy From Euthanasia After Passport Drama

There's no good news like good news surrounding an animal getting the help it needs, especially if that animal is a 3-month old puppy and the help it needs comes from a certifiable action legend like Jean-Claude Van Damme, which is exactly what happened for a chihuahua puppy named Raya recently.

Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme took an interest in a Norwegian issue surrounding a chihuahua puppy recently.

In September, the puppy was purchased by a man in Norway, but was brought into the country on a fake pet passport, which meant the puppy was not allowed in Norway and would not be returned to where it was from. Unfortunately, the puppy faced euthanasia.

However, Jean-Claude saw the story developing, and took to social media to raise awareness of the situation.

“We cannot kill that little Chihuahua. It’s bad luck for the future, it’s bad luck for Covid, it’s bad luck for all that stuff,” Jean-Claude said in a Facebook Live, where he was holding onto his own pet chihuahua.

It was a success!

"I am very happy to receive this wonderful news from CNA Lifestyle! We did it, guys... We saved Raya puppy's life!" Jean-Claude shared in an update on his Facebook page.

We're so happy to hear that Jean-Claude's efforts made a difference!