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People Are Obsessed With These Zodiac Candles That Melt To Reveal A Surprise Crystal Inside

While it may be Scorpio season now, all zodiac signs can be celebrated with these zodiac candles that magically reveal a revitalizing crystal, rune, or token inside.

If you're looking to connect with your spiritual self and feel calm yet mindful, this should be right up your alley.

Plus, there's no beating a personalized scent, color, and crystal for each unique Zodiac sign.

These candles are helping us see crystal clear.

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Soul-Terra is making us feel pretty spirited with their zodiac candles. With new candles introduced every week, they sell out almost instantly.

When visiting the Soul-Terra website, people can learn which scents align with their zodiac sign and why.

We have a burning desire to buy all of these candles immediately.


These candles are made with essential oils that are specially combined for elemental invigoration. Made from selenite infused wax, they offer good luck and protection.

Not to mention they smell amazing with scents that have a giant range that includes hydrangea and cherry blossom, sage, cedar leaf and french lavender, and so much more.

These smells are putting a spell on us.


These dense pyramid-shaped candles burn for over 88 hours and represent energy regeneration, and align with the cosmos.

The colors are vivid, the history and lore are informative, and we're so ready to begin our meditation and be completely replenished.

We're simply melting over these soulful candles.

These candles run for around $40, and while they restock each week, they sell out almost instantly.

With endless facts about each candle, zodiac sign, crystal and rune, these candles are packed with so many goodies.

Visit Soul-Terra for more information on when they restock.

If you try a candle, please let us know what you think in the comments.