Corgi Named Wallace Goes Viral For His Adorable Habit Of Hugging All His Friends

So I've never considered myself a hugger. Sure, when greeting or saying goodbye to close friends or family I'll go in for a quick squeeze if offered, but I don't hand hugs out willy-nilly.

But after more than six months of physical distancing and generally seeing very few humans in person? I miss hugs so much right now.

Judging by the general tone of the internet lately, I'm not alone in this feeling, which is probably why a corgi named Wallace is the latest viral sensation.

I mean, the internet loves corgis in general, but what's made Wallace stand out is his love of hugs.

Dogs aren't usually huggers.

Oh, they tolerate us hugging them because they love us, but they usually prefer their affection in the form of *scritches* and *belly wubs*.

Not Wallace, though. Wallace goes right in for a proper arms around the middle, cheeks touching squeeze.

At only a year old, this habit is pretty new for him, but considering the results, I'm sure he won't be stopping any time soon.

Besides the joy of the hug itself, everyone's excited, happy reaction is exactly the sort of thing that would make any dog keep up with such a cute trick.

Humans or dogs, Wallace wants to hug them all.

And in these trying times, that's something a lot of us can get behind.

If you'd like to follow Wallace on Instagram, you can do so @iamwallacethecorgi.