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Michael J. Fox Shares Photo With Christopher Lloyd On His 82nd Birthday

There's no friendship that's quite like a friendship you make with your coworkers. You see them every day and they often have a huge place in your life, even if you're not quite aware of it.

It's always heartwarming when two coworkers have stayed friends long after they've stopped working together, especially when those coworkers are actors who starred in a famous movie series together.

*Back To The Future* is an iconic movie series.

The film, starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, was hilarious, had a lot of heart, and piqued the interests of so many science-loving kids (and adults) who all wanted to build their own time-travelling DeLorean.

Christopher Lloyd celebrated his 82nd birthday on October 22nd.

Christopher Lloyd has had a huge career, playing iconic characters like Uncle Fester in the Addams Family movies and Jim Ignatowski on Taxi, but to a lot of fans, he'll always be Doc Brown from Back To The Future.

It's also clear that along with fame and success, the BttF movies brought Chris a lifelong friend in his co-star, Michael J. Fox.

Michael shared this picture of the two together on Christopher's birthday.

"The day after #backtothefuture day, me and Chris! Happy birthday brother," he wrote, adding, "*we were both tested and cleared to be together today."

What a sweet photo, and we love to see that these two are still close friends, even 35 years after the first film came out!