16+ Times People Just Wanted To Watch The World Burn

There are people out there who cherish every day that they are alive and love the world around them...and then there are those who are the opposite!

From people carving turkeys out of Spam to people cutting the bristles off other people's toothbrushes out of spite, here are 16+ times people just wanted to watch the world burn!

"Fried eggs for sale. Just looking at this picture makes you feel lazy.

Just the thought of the texture and taste of this abomination alone is making me feel sick. How could someone conceive of this, let alone eat it?

"Carving the turkey!"

There will probably be some inevitable people out there defending Spam, and to those people, I can only say, "Take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror!"

"My little brother eats a burger layer by layer."

My partner used to eat burgers like this actually... We had to have a serious conversation about it, and now we are stronger for having had that conversation.

"This math teacher's reason to cut marks..."

Wow, this teacher is one hell of an asshat! Why do people this petty and arsey even become teachers in the first place?

"My sister and I had an argument and she chopped the bristles off my toothbrush..."

Wow, this takes pettiness to new heady heights! I'll keep this idea in mind for next time my partner and I are in an argument.

"Is it a face warmer or a face hugger? Regardless, I kind of want one."

I am simultaneously horrified by this and really want one. I lack the skills required to make one however.

"The handle of my serving spoon snapped, turns out the handle was full of sand and it ruined my delicious turkey stuffing leftovers."

How did the people who designed this spoon think that this was an appropriate way to weight the handle of a serving spoon? What's wrong with people?!

"Don't you hate it when you need to tap your train ticket but someone put a roasted chicken on the scanner?"

If I had a chicken for every time that this happened to me! Well, I'd probably have one chicken...but that's still one chicken too many in this instance!

"So I just bought this chair and none of the reviews mentioned this..."

Even if you got a chair second hand then finding an ass print this clearly would be a little unsettling, but it's somehow worse when it's supposed to be from new... And I don't know why?

"It just bothers me..."

How could you let your laptop get to this state without cleaning it? Seriously? Would touching this not make you want to tear your fingers off afterwards?

"Meanwhile, back in 1999."

Wow, what a nostalgia trip. I hated seeing jeans like this soggy on the bottom, it makes me feel more nauseous than when bread gets wet,

"This one misaligned speaker hole on my new laptop."

I can just imagine one nefarious worker at this laptop's factory putting this into the design plans in the dead of night as thunder and lightning flashes and cracks in the background all while they cackle hideously to themselves.


This is a dog that really does what it says on the tin! He will bite everything on this planet until there is nothing left.

"I got this bread from Whole Foods... More like Hole Foods!"

I mean, on the positive side it'll contain way fewer carbs than normal bread! Although, you'll probably find your toast is less filling.

"My dad who takes bites out of butter...disgusting."

Nope, couldn't be doing with that in my house, not a chance. Imagine seeing someone eat a lump of butter out the packet, I'd be sick.

"Thanks mailman, who said reading is essential?"

Nothing beats getting your diploma after years of work, only for it to be folded in half and rammed through a letterbox by someone who hates the world!

"Why Choc-O-Gator when it could be Choc-O-Dile?!"

Someone in the Choc-O-Gator's marketing department will be getting fired after they realize the mistake that they have made here!

Such A Weapon Should Be Banned...

As if Lego needed to be any more dangerous when found underfoot? Certain lines should not be crossed, and this line should never have been crossed!

"Steps that you can't see..."

I wonder how many twisted ankles and knees this bad boy has been responsible for? I bet the security footage for this doorway is terrifyingly painful to watch.

"This is how my Auntie blocks ads from her computer screen..."

Someone quite accurately pointed out that sometimes "modern problems require ancient solutions!"