17+ Not-So-Brilliant Ideas That Made Us Go ‘At Least I'm Not That Dumb’

We all have great ideas from time to time, of varying degrees of success. However, sometimes those ideas are just downright stinkers, and it can be hard to admit when this is the case.

Well, if you have had a right stinker of an idea recently, then take some solace in these 17+ not-so-brilliant ideas that made us go, "At least I'm not that dumb!"

Fancy A Game Of Five-A-Side?

A part of me really wants to play a game of soccer on this bad boy, but another part of me, a part that can already feel my ankles hurting, wants to destroy it.

Seems A Little Suspicious...

Yeah right, I know that I'll just go in and get punched repeatedly in the face by Brad Pitt and Ed Norton. Although, I can think of worse ways to spend an evening, actually.

I've Seen Final destination Enough Times To Know Where This Is Going...

I don't think that you really need to have seen Final Destination to know not to put your head under such a threatening-looking collection of icicles!

"How many chairs does one need?!"

Clearly, this person needs all of the chairs! It's also quite unbelievable that they actually managed to pull this off. I wouldn't be comfortable driving behind them though!

Just... Don't!

There would be no way that I could drive around with that cup like that. It's making me nervous looking at this picture and that's not even my damn car!

When You Regret A Haircut...

This is so incredibly insane and yet quite aesthetically pleasing. Do you think that she washes the old hair when she washes her hair that is still attached?

"When good onions go bad..."

"Mmm, this relish is delicious, how did you get it so tasty?"

"The secret ingredient is crime!"

"Dave... Did you steal this relish?"

"Shhh, just eat your delicious sandwich."

Signs Of The Lesser-Spotted Idiot!

Fortunately, fuel pumps have the ability to grow back pumps that have been pulled off by predators. They're like lizards.

"No dumb here!"

I might get one of these signs professionally made to hang in my apartment. It's a not dumb area there, let me tell you! Not dumb area there whatsoever!

"Thanks Amazon for hiding my parcel."

Although, the fact that it was still there when this person got there means that it must have worked, eh?


No, I don't think that he does, that's kind of Batman's big thing...that he can't listen to his parents. Well, that and being rich enough to fix Gotham's problems through philanthropy and investing in infrastructure, yet choosing to run around dressed as a bat.

"Something is wrong here..."

I don't know what it is, but the smug-looking Squidward crammed into Patrick Star's shape is really creeping me out.

We'll Take The Lot!

"What's that shirt made of, Dave?"


"No... What's it made of?"

"Yep, just yes."

"Set up the parking lot, boss!"

Well, that's good to know! Also, legally parked cars will be severely punished in this backward parking lot!

"Someone was tired during work..."

I love how it looks like they've gone back over it to try and fix it, as though there is anything they can really do to fix this abomination!

"How dumb do my parents think I️ am?"

The presence of this note implies that this person has precedence for eating plastic, which is sightly worrying.

Does This Count As A Mask?

In short, no, no it does not. However, you kind of have to admire this guy's ingenuity... Well, actually you don't. I'm just trying to help him save some face here.

"Idiots in jet skis..."

Ah, I love it when the jet ski plants come into season. I used to love going jet-ski picking with my cousins when I was a kid! You can make a great jelly out of them as well!

"Remember to satanise your hands kids!"

"Well, I don't see anything wrong with this. I'll just grab some sanitizer and... Praise be the dark lord! Praise be the dark lord! Praise be the dark lord!"

"Dave... Dave, you're scaring the children."

"Not sure this guy understands how the paper ripples work on signposts."

I mean, maybe the numbers washed completely away without a single trace? Or, maybe they wrote the info in invisible ink...which would be an even more terrible marketing decision, now that I think about it.