'Dawson's Creek' Is Coming To Netflix — Without The Original Theme Song

On the list of iconic opening theme songs, Dawson's Creek has to rank pretty high for a lot of people — not a lot of songs could perfectly capture the feeling of the show while still being incredibly catchy as a standalone piece of music.

Unfortunately for fans of the theme song, the show coming to Netflix won't be your opportunity to hear it again.

*Dawson's Creek* was a staple of late '90s television.

The drama followed a group of beautiful young adults all through their high school and start of college as they fall in love, fight, break up, and everything else you'd expect from a teen drama.

It also had an iconic opening theme song in 'I Don't Want To Wait' by Paula Cole.

Netflix just announced that *Dawson's Creek* would be coming to the platform on November 1st, but some fans are disappointed.

"Dawson’s Creek is arriving on Nov 1. No, the original theme song won’t be attached. Yes, this community manager will sing it for you if ask nicely," the announcement read.

Fans were obviously disappointed that the original theme song would not be a part of the Netflix experience.

Due to copyright issues, streaming services do not have the rights to 'I Don't Want To Wait.'

Instead, the show will have the song 'Run Like Mad' by Jann Arden, which isn't a bad theme song, but it's just not the same.

Will you be tuning in on Netflix to catch up with Dawson, Pacey, Joey, and the rest of the gang? Let us know in the comments below!