Photographer Turns Cancer-Fighting 5-Year-Old Into Magical Disney Princesses

In May 2020, then-four-year-old Arianna Taft visited the hospital to have a lump in her side looked at. A serious tumor was discovered on one of her kidneys, as well as spreading to her other kidney, lungs, and lymph nodes.

Surgery was performed to remove the one kidney and a schedule was set for the long road of chemo and radiation therapies. Further testing confirmed that Arianna had Stage 5 Wilms' nephroblastoma, the most common form of childhood kidney cancer.

Her fight came to the attention of photographer Ashley Richer, who reached out to offer Arianna a very special experience.

She reached out to Arianna's dad Ryan to set everything up, including the details on who Arianna's favorite Disney princesses were.

Because, you see, Ashley was going to give the little fighter her very own magical photoshoot.

Arianna is the sixth sick child Ashley has given this gift to in the last few years.

It was inspired by the passing of her son's best friend Lia, who lost her battle with childhood cancer in 2017, just before her second birthday.

Though she knew there wasn't much she could do to fend off the disease, Ashley decided she could use her skills with the camera to help kids stay motivated during their fight.

The power of photography and creativity is something Ashley firmly believes in after her own health scares.

In 2010, a torn carotid artery left Ashley with a long road to recovery. Once able to work again, she decided to pursue her passion for photography and it has helped her through numerous health scares since.

"I see now that all of that happened so that I can be here today helping to bring magic to these kid's lives," she told Diply.

Armed with costumes and a green screen, Ashley got the studio set up for Arianna's magical day.

Though she was shy at first, once she'd gotten comfortable and in costume, Arianna turned out to be a natural in front of the camera.

After the shoot, Ashley took to her computer and turned the green screen void into magical Disney scenes.

Arianna's dad told PEOPLE that she's been all smiles ever since.

Her struggle with cancer continues, though her most recent scans show that her treatment is progressing well.

If you'd like to lend a hand, the family has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the medical expenses.

As for Ashley, she intends to keep on giving children with cancer the best kind of magic she knows.

The sessions are free for any families within driving distance of her home in Rhode Island and she welcomes inquires via her Facebook page.