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Costco's Variety Pack Of Mini Patron Tequila Bottles Will Ensure Your Holidays Are Merry And Lit

Costco must mean business with their new variety packs of mini Patron tequila bottles.

With everything that 2020 has dealt us, these mini bottles have us ready to get seriously tipsy — while socially distancing, of course.

This holiday season is in desperate need of getting saucy and, as usual, Costco does not disappoint.

Don't throw away your shot.

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These packs have already been spotted in several cities. They include two bottles of Reposado, two bottles of Añejo, two bottles of XO Cafe, and two bottles of Silver.

There really is something for everyone. Whether you wrap them up as gifts or unwrap them and get the party started, this holiday season is going to be lit.

Never be afraid to mix things up.

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Even if hard liquor isn't for you, these little bottles can be big game changers for making your favorite mixed drinks. From margaritas to a variety of hard coffee drinks, there's really no going wrong with these packs.

These packs are available for a limited time.

As is usually the case with these specialty items, they are most likely only guest stars for the holiday season. So, if these spark your fancy, don't take your time.

As most of us Costco lovers know, the good stuff goes quickly.

Here's to a season of toasting and tasting.

If you didn't start 2020 needing a drink, we're about 110% sure you could go for a mini bottle or two during this second half of the year. Just remember to enjoy these drinks responsibly.

These mini packs of Patron are available at Costco for around $30, while supplies last.