Fans Can't Agree On What Color Billie Eilish's Shoes Are

Here we go again!

Five years after the infamous dress that nobody could agree on the color it actually was went viral and took over our collective conversations, musician Billie Eilish has re-sparked the debate. This time, however, it's a debate over the color of her shoes, and fans cannot decide who they believe.

I don't blame them.

It all started when Billie showed off a pair of her shoes on Instagram.

During a fan Q&A on her Instagram stories, Billie was asked about the dress, which lead her to tell the story of how she and her dad couldn't agree on what color a pair of her shoes were.

That's when she made the mistake of posting a picture of the shoes to her Instagram story.

Billie claims that they are white and mint. Her father says they're white and pink.

It immediately became a heated argument between Billie, her dad, and her fans, as everyone had a different opinion on what color it looked like the shoes were.

Personally, I see mint and pink, and that's not even one of the options!

Fans were super confused.

In different lighting, fans saw lots of different colors, despite Billie's insistence that Nike doesn't even make the shoe in white and pink.

Finally, she had to go to drastic lengths to prove her point: she took it outside.

Billie posted a picture of the shoe in question next to another shoe that was actually white and pink.

In the sunlight and next to a real white and pink shoe, it seemed pretty clear what the answer was.

Or did it?

What color do you see on the shoes? Let us know in the comments!