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Reese's Made A Robotic Trick-Or-Treat Door So You Can Safely Get Halloween Candy This Year

We're not saying that we've discovered the doorway to heaven, but we've certainly gotten pretty darn close.

Reese's has created a robotic trick-or-treat door that is revealing new pathways to enjoying the peanut buttery chocolate cups that we find ourselves craving far too often.

If anyone else is getting Monsters INC. scary door vibes, you're not alone.

When the pandemic closes many doors, get a Reese's door for Halloween.

If you've been worried about how to win Halloween while also socially distancing, here ya go.

These robotic doors are hands free and will fill every child's goodie bag for Halloween this year.

This door makes us feel like we've been locked out of heaven for too long.

It doesn't matter if it's raining or windy, this door won't be knocked down and it doesn't need any assistance when it comes to distributing candy.

Just don't forget to tell the kiddos to say trick-or-treat to keep the magic alive.

This is a hauntingly good idea.

This amazing door hands out king sized Reeses's cups and moves along a route right through your neighborhood.

Now, that's we call an unforgettable Halloween treat.

Noe shall forget the legendary Reese's door.

If you want the Reese’s Trick-or-Treat Door to start haunting your neighborhood, go to the Reese’s Instagram page and leave a comment.

Your comment should include where you'd like the Reese’s Trick-or-Treat Door to come, and hopefully, you'll be one of the fortunate few that will be come the neighborhood hero that saved Halloween.

We'd love to hear what you think of this spooktacular door, so please leave a comment below.