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Your Kid Can Now Wear A 'ShieldPod' When Social Distancing Isn't Possible

With many schools deciding to resume in-person classes, there are many fears that children and teachers will contract COVID-19.

However, there are various measures and safety precautions that people have formulated to keep schools and public areas as sanitary as possible.

One of those methods has been the new ShieldPods that both children and teachers can wear for an extra layer of safety.

These mini pods could mean a large amount of protection.

While most people have seen the ShieldPods for adults, few know that they've also been developed for children to use.

The Under the Weather brand decided to make them for children after the success of their pods for healthcare workers.

While their patent is still being processed, these pods are geared toward children from preschool to 10 years of age.

Some kids may love it and feel like they're in a spaceship or a magical bubble, but others may be feeling more than a little claustrophobic.

It never hurts to have another set of armor for the little ones.

Under the Weather

These mini pods come with adjustable straps and 270-degree views for children to see through.

They're available in pink and blue, with the ability to help children to remain shielded from potential germs and severe weather conditions.

There may be some kinks in the armor.

Under the Weather

While Under the Weather's mini pods can be useful added protection, there are still some potential flaws with the children's ones.

While their standard pods zip fully closed, the children's ones allow more air circulation by leaving the bottom of the pod open.

This makes sense, as children will still want to run and play in their pods, but it's a reminder that germs can still get through this barrier.

It's important to have our little warriors proceed with caution when it comes to these pods.

This won't work for some kids, and that's alright.

Some children will think it's one big ball of fun, while others will feel self-conscious, like the bubble boy.

With safety such an important thing, especially during the pandemic, it's up to parents to explore the best ways to protect their children.

These mini pods cost around $70 on Under the Weather. If you decide to try them, let us know in the comments.

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