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Personalized Whiskey Barrels Are The Perfect Gift For Craft Cocktail-Loving Couples

It looks like hardcore whiskey fans are in for a treat. These personalized whiskey barrels are not only the perfect size for a compact happy hour, but they're also great for getting your aged drinks to the perfect level of richness.

Having to wait for distilleries to open back up is just no fun, but these personalized whiskey barrels have us ready to say cheers and have a pretty awesome time.

Get ready to brew your drinks in style.

These personalized whiskey barrels are also customizable.

You can have your own distillery name and the year it was established engraved right on your barrel.

You can also have one to two names engraved as the credited owners of the mini distillery. It's perfect for couples, friends or someone that has dreamed of having their own little barrel to brew their own custom drinks.

Not all barrels are made the same.

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These personalized barrels are made of oak which helps intensify the flavor of each brew. Oak has a component called Lignin that creates vanilla flavors and adds buttery tones to each brew.

The small size of the barrel actually makes the flavor development process quicker with fine flavors that accelerate almost ten times faster than with larger barrels.

Although these barrels are small, they pack one mean, and delicious, punch.

We can't wait to take home these little barrels of fun.

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Before you begin using these little ones, you must wait three to five days to cure the barrel. This means that you'll want to fill it with water, insert the spigot and make sure it's tightly sealed for the following days.

After the curing process, it's time for the fun part. Aging your own spirits is what these barrels are all about.

Make sure to taste your spirit every week to make sure it reaches your ideal flavor. Don't forget to turn your barrel a bit each week, too!

It's time to chug a big mug of victory.

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These handmade personalized barrels are sold on the website Uncommon Goods. Handmade in Virginia, these barrels are sold in 2 liter and 5 liter sizes that include a custom barrel and a stand.

There's also a custom 2 liter with a rum and whiskey making kit included for all of your brewing needs. Prices range from $98-$200.

If you decided to try these personal sized whiskey barrels, we'd love to know all about it. Feel free to share your thoughts and photos in the comments!

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