10+ Random Facts About Sarah Silverman Fans Didn't Know

Sarah Silverman may not be her everyone's favorite comedian, but she sure is accomplished.

She made the leap to movies with her crass and crude humor decades ago and has been building her career ever since.

There are other things you probably don't know, like how she worked on SNL (and got fired). For more, keep reading these 10+ random facts!

1. She knew that she was funny when she was three.

She was destined to be a comedian from the start.

"My dad taught me swears and so I would say them and adults would be shocked, but they would laugh and it felt like approval," she told The Guardian.

"I became addicted to that feeling."

2. She was fired from *SNL* via fax.

After joining Saturay Night Live in 1993 as a writer and cast member, she was fired after only a year.

Why? Well, apparently, because none of her sketches were funny enough.

3. She dated Jimmy Kimmel for over six years.

They were one of Hollywood's funniest couples from 2003 to 2008.

Sarah was actually one of the last people the late-night talk show host dated before he met and married his wife, Molly McNearney.

To this day, Sarah and Jimmy are still friends.

When Kimmel was on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, he said that it took them a while to get there.

"It definitely took some time to be comfortable enough to be friends again.”

4. She refuses to make fat jokes about women.

She's known for her crass and crude humor, but one area of comedy she won't touch is weight.

"I don't really care for like fat jokes about women, specifically," she told CNN.

"Because I feel that we live in a society where fat men deserve love, and fat women do not deserve love," she continued.

"At least in white America. And so I feel like that's an ugly thing, and it doesn't make me laugh."

5. She wet the bed until she was 16.

She even wrote a memoir about it, titled The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee.

Her worst experience with wetting the bed happened when she was at sleepaway camp.

"I peed in my cot every night in front of my peers," she told *The Guardian*.

She said that it was "all anxiety-related". But there has been one perk to all of this:

"After that, stand-up comedy is not daunting."

6. She's not a fan of the late Jerry Lewis.

The two comedians were at odds all the way up until his death in 2017.

This all started after he made several disparaging comments about female comedians not being funny.

"Caring what Jerry Lewis thinks about women comics is like caring that grandpa doesn't like all the loud music today," she tweeted.

While he later took back some of his comments, he said that female comedians can be funny as long as they're not crude.

7. She doesn't want to have kids anytime soon.

Instagram | @sarahkatesilverman

The comedian is putting herself first!

In 2010, she told The Daily Beast that has other more important things on her agenda.

"I want to have kids when there's nothing else I want more."

8. She's open about her struggles with depression.

During an interview with Glamour, the comedian revealed that she had her first bout with depression at 13.

"I went from being the class clown to not being able to see life in that casual way anymore."

She even starred in a movie about depression.

Egoli Tossell Film

She played the real-life Laney Brooks in I Smile Back, a movie about a suburban mother and housewife, who secretly suffers from depression and self-medicating.

The movie helped her confront her own depression.

9. She's been punched in the face three times.

The first time was when she was passing out flyers for a comedy club late at night and tried to stop a fight.

The second time was when she was shooting a fight scene with Ryan Phillippe and she leaned in when she wasn't supposed to.

The third time was by a fan at Comic-Con.

She told The Guardian:

"Let's say he was nervous about meeting me and a bit socially inept. I said: 'Hi,' but I don't think he knew what to do with his feelings and he punched me in the face."

10. She's not afraid to stir up controversy.

She proved just that in 2015 when she tweeted this on Christmas Day: "MERRY CHRISTMAS! Jesus was gender fluid!"

This offended lots of people and soon led to a Twitter war.

11. She's had some rough experiences on stage.

Casino gigs are not her favorite. Once, a woman in the front row heckled her from beginning to the end.

"She forced me to eviscerate her and so the whole show became about this woman and I couldn't do any of my routine," she told The Guardian.

12. She once tattooed a fan's leg.

Like many celebrities, Silverman has faced her fair share of crazy fans.

In a Reddit AMA, she revealed that she tattooed a guy's leg with an actual needle. "I put WWSD (what would Sarah do)."