Bride-To-Be Devastated After Fiancé Claims He 'Forgot' He Proposed To Her

If you've ever gone through the process of planning your own wedding, or have even simply dealt with a bride getting ready to say "I do," then you must know how stressful the lead-up to that big day can be.

Any number of things can go wrong — the dress gets damaged, the caterer cancels, the venue gets flooded the day before the wedding and won't be dry in time for the outdoor ceremony... Honestly, I'd be surprised if any wedding day has ever gone off without one single hitch.

But for this bride, the wrench that was thrown in her plans for a big, beautiful wedding didn't have to do with any of that. Rather, it had everything to do with the man she had thought was her fiancé.

All our life, we're told that our wedding will be one of the happiest days of our lives.

A beautiful gathering of your closest friends and family, romance flowing through the air as two people solidify a bond forged by their love.

It's hard not to idealize, but there's no denying the list of issues that could potentially arise. For one woman, the biggest issue she encountered with her wedding was the last one anyone could have expected.

The bride recently shared her story on social media, and it definitely has a lot of people scratching their heads, wondering how this is even possible.

In a screenshot of a Facebook post that was shared to the subreddit r/weddingshame, the unnamed woman wrote that she had spent months meticulously planning for a wedding that now seemed like it wasn't going to be happening after all.

Why? Well, apparently the groom "forgot" he'd actually proposed to her, that's why.

Indeed, that's one surefire way to put the brakes on a wedding.

Let's go back to the beginning so we can at least try to understand how something like this could even happen.

The woman explained that nine months ago, the man who — up until recently — she had believed was her fiancé, popped the question.

In her retelling of the proposal, it certainly sounds like neither person really expected it to happen that day.

As the woman wrote,

"He didn't have a ring so I assumed it was a spur of the moment decision, but I am a chill woman. I understood the ring will come later and all that matters is we have each other."

For the next seven months, the bride-to-be diligently planned what she explained was going to be her "dream wedding."

The post doesn't offer up much detail beyond this, so it's unclear just what exactly she had planned during that time period — whether she had chosen her bridal party, tasted any cake samples, or simply even picked a date to say "I do."

But what is clear is that all that planning came to a crashing halt when she informed her groom-to-be that she would be picking out her gown soon. You know, arguably the most important detail of any wedding for a bride.

"When I told him I was going dress shopping, he looked at me like I had 5 heads," the woman recalled in the post.

The discussion that followed between the pair is not included in the post, but apparently it ended with her so-called fiancé claiming he never actually proposed to her in the first place.

Wait, what?

Just to make this whole matter even *more* confusing, he also said, "Why would I propose to a woman I'm not even dating?"

If you're struggling to keep up, here's where we're at in this truly bizarre story.

Nine months ago, the man "proposed" to the woman, and she proceeded to spend seven months planning a wedding (presumably by herself, if he wasn't actually intending to marry her in the first place), only for it to turn out that they aren't engaged, or even dating, for that matter.

At the end of her post, the woman revealed that she's not giving up on this marriage without a fight.

"I am thinking of tricking him into coming to our wedding and just seeing what happens," she wrote. "Not too sure what else I could do."

Well of course. After all, marriage by deception certainly seems like the only logical solution here. Go get that ring, honey!

(Kidding. Obviously.)

Suffice it to say, the people of Reddit are deeply and wildly confused by this woman's story.

Many demanded more information, because the short paragraph we got from the not-bride doesn't help us understand her situation whatsoever.

"How did she make it 7 months of planning without any input from him?" this user implored. "Was she planning on paying [for] the whole thing herself?"

Another added, "How did he ask? Why doesn’t he know they’re dating?"

One person played devil's advocate for the bride in regards to her not sharing wedding plans.

He explained why his fiancée and her family were taking on all of their wedding decisions.

"My fiancé [sic] has done almost everything for our wedding, but because 1. I’m still in school and 2. Her family and her want something completely different than what I had wanted [...] I didn’t want a big fancy wedding. It’s not my style, so when you ask me which flowers I like better or which decorations to go with, I really don’t know how to respond."

Some people assumed that perhaps the pair had a *casual relationship*, so to speak, and an offhanded comment one day was taken much too seriously by the woman.

As this user speculated,

"Most likely scenario (IMHO): They are FWB; she did something he appreciated (most likely in bed); he made a joke about how he should marry her.

"Or they are friends; she is against sex before marriage, so hanging out together = seriously dating; he made a joke about how he should marry her.

"Either that or one of them is insane."

Others proposed that perhaps the woman in this story isn't as innocent as she may seem.

One user likened the story to an experience in his own life: "I knew of a man who was essentially being stalked by someone who devolved to the point where she was screaming at him about their wedding and had gotten into his apartment and ambushed him and his girlfriend."

However, there were also people who accused the "fiancé" of potentially gaslighting the woman:

"Don't tell me you've never met a guy who sees a girl for months and months, introduces her to his family, friends etc but when it comes down to it, 'It's not that serious, and you're crazy for thinking it is.'"

With accusations flying regarding both parties, people couldn't decide who the villain was in this story.

Without more details, it's impossible to know. Between people thinking the bride was living in a dream world she created, and others likening the groom to other manipulators they had encountered, it's unlikely we'll ever get a real answer.

Then, of course, there are people who don't think it's real at all.

Another popular theory is the whole post being fake, written to cause a stir online and have some anonymous fun.

Many are still convinced it's real though, explaining how similar things had happened to friends, or even themselves.

Finally, there are people who are finding this whole situation pretty darn funny.

"Man- why can’t any of my Facebook friends be this nuts. I need entertainment damnit," wrote one user, sparking a conversation about the experience of having wild Facebook friends.

There are also those using this situation to be grateful for their own partner: "Every time the spouse and I get into an argument I’m going to read this post and remember that our relationship is FANTASTIC."

Ultimately, the consensus was clear: More info is needed before anyone can really determine who's to blame for the *massive* misunderstanding that occured.

All I know is the next time that woman is ever proposed to, I'm sure she's going to double, triple, and even quadruple check that they're definitely engaged before diving into any wedding planning again.

Or, at least, I hope she does.

What do you think about this situation? Let us know!

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