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15+ People Who Tried Some Weird Things So We Don't Have To

They may not have intended to become scientists but the folks behind these pics sure did some science, experimenting in their own way to answer questions nobody else ever really thought to ask.

Maybe it was boredom, maybe it was curiosity, maybe boredom-caused curiosity, but whatever their motivation, they forged ahead and got us some bizarre answers.

"I harvested the cookie dough from my ice cream and baked it. This is the result."

Reddit | DoodleTM

So judging by this, the cookie dough in your ice cream is more than a little different than the stuff you whip up at home.

Mind you, it still looks edible enough for me, especially with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top. Weird how that works.

"I launched this chicken nugget into space."

Reddit | fizzy_elephant

As one does, right?

The uploader did manage to get both the camera and the nugget back, too. "Nugget unharmed but a little frozen," they reported.

No word on how it tasted after reaching the edge of the atmosphere. But there's a video of the nugget's journey right here.

Shiny and bright!

Reddit | shatteredankle

"This rainbow pattern I created by taking a long exposure of myself rock climbing with LEDs tied to my body," the uploader of this pic explained.

So that's some serious talent, both to be able to scale that rock face and to have the photo skills to put this image together. Nicely done.

Separating the marshmallows out of the rest of the Lucky Charms.

Reddit | BDChris300

You know, to see the ratio of marshmallows to cereal. For legit science reasons.

Of course, this also begs the question: What is the ideal ratio of marshmallows to cereal? One marshmallow for every four bits of cereal? One for three? I can't believe it, but I'm actually curious now.

"This is what happens when you put dish soap in a fountain."

I suspect this was more like college kids out pranking rather than anyone with a remotely scientific bent.

But hey, just in case anyone was interested to see what actually does happen in that scenario, there you go.

Okay, this is cool.

Reddit | FillsYourNiche

And it's more of an example of what happens when someone doesn't do something, namely trim ornamental cabbages.

Left to grow, they turn out quite pretty, don't they? Who even knew cabbages could grow like that?

Never would have guessed.

Reddit | disaster_zone76

The uploader of this pic extracted all the moisture from the fibers in a one dollar bill — well, the bill on the bottom, anyway. The top bill is normal currency for reference.

"The bill was placed in a processing room at an ammonia factory. The ammonia fumes extracted the moisture," they explained.

"Ever wonder what happens when you squirt hand sanitizer on a mushroom?"

Reddit | amishpapa

Can't honestly say that I have wondered that but now I know anyway.

It looks like mashed potatoes with gravy on the lawn. Feeling pretty good about my policy of not eating stuff off the ground now.

I guess this could be useful?

Reddit | AliceHalley

Someone decided to fill a tangerine peel with wax and lit the pith, creating this tiny candle. Unfortunately, it did not smell like tangerines.

The good news is that it lasted about six hours. The bad news is that instead of just going out on its own, it burst into flames. So, maybe don't try this one at home lest you forget about it.

Why, though?

Reddit | blind_turkey

Funny, I usually just crack them open, or hard-boil them before peeling.

Honestly, being able to get the shell off without tearing the membrane does seem like a bit of an accomplishment, even if the purpose behind it is a mystery.

"I trained an AI on Lisa Frank [then] made it draw Cthulhu."

Reddit | 12jonboy12

This reminds me of that scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 when Quill gets the power to create things and says he's going to make some "weird stuff."

Okay, he didn't say "stuff," I know. But if I had this kind of skill, I'd probably have some fun with it too.

"During quarantine, I kept a log of every apple type I ate."

Reddit | l19ar

Fun fact: there are so many different varieties of apple in the world that you could try a different one every day and not get a repeat for over 20 years.

So keeping a log book is actually a pretty good idea if you're an apple fan.

An artist painted up some meat cleavers.

Reddit | jacklesdouglas

Where the rest of us see a thing to chop up dinner, this artist saw a canvas.

It's pretty cool stuff but it also makes the knives useless for food prep as you'd be certain to end up with paint in your dishes.

Sweet, free pineapple.

Reddit | bigshrimps

The person who planted the top of a pineapple is laughing now, as a new pineapple is growing from it.

However, it also took seven years for the plant to fruit so I don't think Dole is trembling in its boots right now.

What a tease.

Reddit | Satchmocoltrane

With enough sanding, a pillow carved out of wood will indeed feel soft to the touch. Not so much for putting your head down on it, however. So, why even make it?

The uploader shared that they were "just going to have it as a conversation piece most likely."

Now this is pretty.

Reddit | unicornheabutt

And it's not even expensive. Rather, it's the result of someone heating a marble over a flame and then dropping it into cold water.

At least it's relatively easy to pull off. But remember, eye protection, hand protection, close-toed shoes, and tongs if you're going to try this one at home.

"I managed to remove a walnut in its entirely from its shell."

Reddit | zinosaurus

Kind of like the peeled egg earlier, this is a bit of an accomplishment.

I know that I can't get any sort of nut out of its shell without making a giant mess of it and breaking chunks off, so it's cool to see that it can be done.

"Dissected a tampon, this is how much cotton was in it."

Reddit | fibilolo

Um, thanks? I guess tampons do need to pack a lot into a little space to do their job properly, so this isn't that surprising. But still, that's a fair amount of cotton.

Ever had a freeze-dried gummy worm?

Reddit | sexytimespanda

Freeze-drying doesn't exactly ruin gummy worms but apparently, it does make eating them a different sort of experience.

"They are like sour fruity cheese puffs," the uploader wrote. Not sure that's the snack I'm after but that's good to know.

So you can freeze a coconut.

Reddit | tw272727

Looks like a rather simple way to crack a coconut, to be honest. The milk inside expands a bit, helping to make the surface separate.

Not the most efficient method, of course but it can be done.

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