Adorable Rescue Dog Hugs Everyone He Meets — And He's Still Looking For A Home

Toro is a very special boy with a very sad story.

According to The Dodo, the 6-year-old terrier mix was rescued from an abandoned home in Wantagh, New York, where he'd been chained to a fence with a 15.7 pound collar and left for dead.

Rescuers who saved the pup from this fate say Toro likely spent his entire life chained outside. But despite his heartbreaking beginnings, this sweet dog has nothing but love to give to everyone he meets now. Yet somehow, he still hasn't found his "furever" home.

Since October 2019, Toro has been available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, and staff are truly baffled at how this could be.

Back in January, the pup was actually adopted, but was brought back to the shelter less than two weeks later after his new family determined he wouldn't be a good fit for them.

Making the matter even more confusing is the fact that Toro quite literally hugs every person he meets.

Yes, he actually hugs people, and he still hasn't found his forever family.

Melissa Fogarty, kennel and placement supervisor at the shelter, told The Dodo that it took awhile for Toro to become more comfortable in his new surroundings, but once he opened up, there was no stopping the grateful hugs.

In fact, anyone who comes to visit Toro in the shelter can be guaranteed plenty of hugs, courtesy of this loved-up pup.

“Every time he comes out of the kennel, his first reaction is to hug the person walking him, and anyone, really, he comes in contact with,” Fogarty said.

“I was probably one of the first people to take him out for an actual socialized walk when he came in,” she continued. “The hugging happened probably within 15 minutes of having him out loose in our side play yard. He just kind of crawled up to me, climbed on my lap, and pressed himself against my chest… From there it grew and now he hugs all his friends here.”

Considering Toro's unfortunate background, his perfect home does need to check off some very important boxes.

According to his official adoption page, he'll need to be in an adult-only home with owners who can provide him with plenty of structure. He'll also need to be crate trained, socialized, and taught basic obedience.

In return, his owners can be sure they'll be rewarded with all the love they can possibly handle, and then some.

Although staff are wondering how Toro can still be waiting for his "furever" home a year after his intake, Fogarty thinks it may have to do with him sadly going unnoticed.

“I honestly think he hasn't been adopted because he's a middle-aged pit mix living in a high-intake municipal shelter,” she told The Dodo. “He gets lost in this sea of dogs that don't show well in their kennels.”

For more information about Toro, or to inquire about adopting this sweet, deserving pup, visit his adoption page, and make sure to check out his official Instagram page while you're at it, too.

Let's find this adorable dog his "furever" family!

h/t: The Dodo

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