Marvel Stars Face Backlash After Defending Chris Pratt When Twitter Declared Him 'The Worst Chris'

During election years, especially during an election that feels as high stakes as the current one, tensions surrounding politics can be high. That same tension is present for celebrities, whether they share their political beliefs or not, as Marvel star Chris Pratt has recently discovered.

When his fellow castmates stood up for him, they also faced backlash.

It all started when one Twitter user made a playful tweet asking people to pick their least favorite famous Chris.

While this is a debate that has long been going on, many fans this time responded that due to Chris Pratt's belonging to a controversial church that has been criticized for homophobia in the past, he was the obvious choice.

Many of Chris' Marvel co-stars came to his defense over the claims.

"What a world... The 'sinless' are casting stones at my brother, Chris Pratt... A real Christian who lives by principle, has never demonstrated anything but positivity and gratitude..." Robert Downey Jr. shared, while many other cast members echoed his sentiments.

Some fans, however, were not satisfied with this response.

Many fans felt that it was strange that these stars were coming to Chris Pratt's defense, but hadn't done the same for other Marvel stars like Brie Larson or Zendaya who had also been heavily criticized.

"The Avengers cast jumps to Chris Pratt's defense so quick over fair criticism. Yet were silent when Brie Larson was being harassed by men. God forbid anyone criticizes a white man," one tweet read.

Others felt that Chris was being criticized for valid reasons.

"When it comes to ppl cancelling chris pratt for valid reasons THATS where marvel draws the line," one fan complained.

What do you think of the drama? Do fans have a point about the way his co-stars reacted, or are they right to defend their friend? Let us know in the comments!