17+ Strange Moments That Were Probably Someone’s Breaking Point

Sometimes it is the most unexpected things in life that can cause us to snap, whether they be possums hiding in our car engines or Justin Bieber likenesses composed of cold cuts!

So, prepare yourself, as I take you through 17+ strange moments that were probably someone's breaking point!

"A wasp nest built around a stored mask."

I think that anyone who came across this nightmare fuel unexpectedly would be forgiven for suddenly needing a change of pants!

"Justin Beefer..."

Do you have someone in your family who is a big fan of the Bieb? Then why not scar them for life with this tasty dish?!

"Looks like someone put too much soap in the washing machine."

Well, on the plus side, that lawn must have never looked cleaner! Nothing like really clean grass to make the neighbors envious!

"Ruin Halloween with chocolate covered Brussels Sprouts!"

I'm ashamed to say that I am actually very curious to try this delicacy. I absolutely love Brussels sprouts, and I have no idea why. And, in fairness, this treat is the perfect embodiment of 2020 for most people.

"Inflatable life-size whale outside my neighbor's house."

The person who posted this explained that they couldn't work out why their neighbor had done this. So, my only answer can be that this neighbor has had a whale-related mental breakdown.

"The 'skin' cake I made to celebrate the beginning of Dermatology residency. Everyone thought it was delicious."

Wow, never before has a cake ever made me feel such wonder and repulsion simultaneously! Incredible the worst possible way!

"This Walmart baby has seen some stuff!"

In fairness, judging from some of the things that I have seen in Walmart over the years, I am not surprised that this baby looks like it is clearly struggling to comprehend the world of Walmart.

"I work the graveyard shift at the mall alone, this was in the middle of the floor at 4 am this morning."

I like to think that I am an adult now and that seeing something like this wouldn't make me want to run as fast as I could, but it absolutely would.

"Just some regular rubber gloves washing accidentally opened the gate of hell."

I feel like this is like something out of a stop-frame animation nightmare about magicians' gloves dragging me to hell. Well, now I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight, damn it.

"My grandparents have had this wooden sign hanging on their porch since the 90s... Today, grandma finally snapped."

The year 2020 has had a similar effect on a lot of people. This person added, "Originally, the wood post was engraved by her dad. It's been on their porch since the ['50s] at least. So any change on the grouch marker is significant."

When You're Fed Up Of Being An Artistic Masterpiece And Just Want To Take The Bus...

Clearly, the Mona Lisa got fed up of all of the people fighting to get in the best position to take a photo of her instead of just looking at her. I know that I sure did when I was there!

"Happy Birthday!"

Well, in keeping with the Madagascar theme, this kid is certainly going to "move it move it!"

The Most Dangerous Pool On Earth!

This is one of the most stressful images that I have ever seen in my life. Please, God, never attempt this at home!

"Cashier's reaction when I bought 100 Bananas."

This looks like a man whose world view has been completely rocked! Also, why would anyone ever need that many bananas? Don't overdose on potassium, guys, it'll stop your heart! And there's a sentence I never thought I'd have to write.

"Walmart has some terrifying products. Nana wasn't too happy about it."

It was after this moment that this grandmother decided to form a team of elite nans in order to fight such injustices inflicted upon nanas everywhere. Give your best names for this team of elite grandmothers below, please!

"I'm Not Getting Paid Enough For This..."

I feel like there had to be an easier way to demonstrate how deep this really was other than just making this reporter wade into the depths!

"Hood opens. Hood is layed [*sic*] down immediately. Tech exclaims 'OH HELL NO.'"

Well, it looks like they have uncovered the secret to this possum's mobile home scam. Although he still looks comfortable, he's clearly not bothered about being caught!

"I had to lock her in the dog crate because she was going to break something in the house from being over hyper. I think she hit her breaking point."

I feel like I can hear this image just by looking at it, and all that I can hear is furious wailing! That cat needs to chill out!

"Saw this amazing 'Ad' walking in my neighborhood today."

Ah, the ol' snag and shame, reel them in with a good hook and leave them feeling scathed and guilty.

Bored? Install A Connect-The-Dots Game Into Your Ceiling.

You probably won't make any sensical image, but it beats being left alone with your thoughts!

"My friend forgot about a bag of potatoes she bought six months ago."

Genuinely, this is why I only buy two potatoes at a time, and even then I'm afraid this will happen if I don't use them fast enough.

The Purest, Most Painful Evil.

I fear whoever made this. They somehow made the ultimate pain even worse. They're a criminal mastermind.

"Says didn't have a spare, drove for 3 days! I found the spare in the trunk complete with jack!"

I'm not only shocked that they drove on this for three days, but that everyone else let them.

I Guess The Game's Canceled.

I'm sure one kid who really didn't want to play that day was very happy.

"Jumbled wax figures with bags over their heads at my place of work."

An excellent detail to conveniently forget to tell your new hires, the storage room is full of these!

"A truck I saw while in traffic."

I can so clearly imagine the driver hearing one too many casual complaints about trucks from friends, then making and printing this in a fury.

"I love my son, but checking the monitor and seeing this always creeps me out."

I always thought there was something up with babies. Too cute during the day to not become evil at night.

"Reached into this mystery box in my garage. Nearly shat myself when this little hand was reaching out at me. Turns out there was a mirror in the box."

And from this day forward, this user will feel nervous reaching into every box forevermore, lest a real hand be reaching back one day.

"This is how my Auntie blocks ads from her computer screen."

I'd say someone should teach her about adblock, but the damage is already done. Might as well let her use her blinds.

"Came home to a pile of children’s toothpaste samples by my front door. I live at the end of a half mile driveway [...]."

There's something so ominous about this. It's not inherently scary, but just odd enough to make you feel uneasy.

"This guy found a centipede on his zipper."

Amazing! I'd never wear pants with zippers ever again. Sweatpants only from here on out.

"[...] legit scared me on my walk [...]."

This has to be the most terrifying stuffed animal I've ever seen. Forget a real guard dog, this alone would scare me away.

"Someone lost a mental battle in Walmart today."

Well, you know what they say: "A Reese's a day keeps the fact of being a boring healthy git away!"

"These lamps are planning something."

This looks like a beacon. Like if you stood in it long enough, aliens would come abduct you.

"Don't park like an ass..."

That's some jazzy cling film they have got their hands on there! Unless the car was painted by Jackson Pollock.