Instagram Account Shares Incredible Modern Designs From Around The World

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a sculpture!

That's a brief list at some of the things you can find on Call it Design (@callitdesignco), an Instagram account dedicated to showing off all things beautiful. From architecture to product design, this account will bring pure pleasure to your eyeballs.

Yeah, I said that. Let's get into it.

This account has a little of everything.

It primarily focuses on beautiful locations and architecture, like this home by Lara Architects. I would like to live here forever, thanks so much. Though, I'd definitely need some curtains.

The satisfaction levels are over 9000 with this toilet paper storage.

The account also features cool home features and products, such as this incredibly satisfying toilet paper storage method. It's by Bill Jackson-Martin, and I would not mind having a black one in my bathroom.

Sometimes, they focus on beautiful locations.

Like Park G├╝ell in Barcelona, Spain. It's part of a system of public parks, gardens, and architecture, and it was declared a World Heritage Site in 1984. I've been here, and it is absolutely magical to see up close.

Can you imagine having this in your house?

It's a custom made piece by Andy Janed, so you'd definitely have your say in which ones went in. I'd have such a hard time choosing which books to show off!

They even feature popular TikTok home decor trends.

TikTok's influence on home decor trends cannot be understated. The coolest part? Most of it is DIY! Like this mirror, which was created by artist Granila Santiseban.

Sometimes, they show off amazing art pieces.

This is called "Slices of Time" by artist Emmanuelle Moureaux. Emmanuelle heavily features bright, vibrant colors in their work, which you can see on their Instagram. See? Call it Design is useful for so many cool things, like finding new artists to follow!

Let's spend some time wishing we were in this pool.

Because OMG do I wish I was in that pool right now. The plants, the crisp water, the daybed... that's a whole vibe that I want to be on the same wavelength as.

Sometimes they show off beautiful rooms.

Like this bedroom, which I would like to be in. A striking accent wall is a great way to punch up a room without spending a lot of money. Just a fun tip from me to you.

Hi. Look at this table.

It's a ROCKET. Imagine this in your home. Wouldn't it look great? This was designed by Mousarris, and is actually available for purchase! BRB, measuring my living room to see if this will fit.

This bathroom is to die for.

I'm a huge fan of hexagons, so it's easy to guess how I feel about this bathroom. It's not for everyone, but it is definitely for me. Think my landlord would approve?

Belle would go nuts for this library.

Isn't it totally suited for Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Any bookworm would love to climb those stairs and take a stroll through all of those titles.