Someone Decorated Their House As The 'This Is Fine' Meme For Halloween

If you start seeing curious Halloween decorations around your neighborhood, don't be alarmed. They're probably participating in the viral sensation that is the "This is fine" meme.

Never has there been a meme that hits the craziness that has been the year 2020 in the head. If you haven't heard of it I'm going to explain it in detail below.

If you don't know the meaning behind the he "This is fine" meme, it's from an artist KC Green's 2013 webcomic "On Fire."

Unsplash | Kari Shea

It pretty much has become a symbol for troubling times, such as the entire year of 2016.

It features an image of a distressed little dog surrounded by flames.

If that doesn't describe the timeline of 2020 perfectly, I dunno what will. It feels like we're all surrounded by burning flames and there is no escape plan in the works.

So it's no surprise that this exact theme has been adopted this Halloween by many.

People are displaying their funny takes on the events of 2020 by using it so perfectly. Like this house for example that people freaked out over on Twitter.

What makes this Halloween decoration special is that during the day you only see a few flames with the words "This is fine" written above them.

But at night the whole theme becomes alive and the dog in the hat appears.

It turns out other people have also been doing this to their homes.

The lady who owns this house claims she's had this decoration up since April. Oh my goodness, isn't that how we all feel ha, ha. I tell you, it's funny but it's not funny at the same time.

What do you think of this office set-up here?

I think it's quite a cool endeavor to prepare to celebrate Halloween. If I still worked in an office I think I would do something like this too. Isn't it hilarious?

Some even poked fun at the meme and went the other way referencing it to the current election.

And that, I gotta say is all too timely if you asked me. Let's just hope for the best on that one, shall we?

This lady even created a Halloween inspired "This is fine" pumpkin that is nothing short of amazing.

Oh, wow! I never would have thought of doing that until now, ha, ha. What do you think? Is this a new trend or what?

So are you on board with this? Will you be making your own 'This is fine' Halloween decorations to adorn your house?

I want to see how many of you are ready to do this. Let's make it go viral all over again.

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