15+ Times We Only Knew Something Happened By What Was Left Behind

October 20, 2020

You don't need to be a forensics expert to figure out how certain things came to be, particularly when the visual evidence is obvious.

Even though you might not have seen what caused something, what's left behind can show you the principle of cause and effect.

Just phone things.

Reddit | Iris_Ben

I've seen this on my own pants as well. As it turns out, putting a large, rectangular smartphone in the same pocket every day will leave quite an impression.


Reddit | kiepye17

This ring binder still functions just fine but leaving it out in the sun has done weird things to its color scheme.

Wear and tear.

Reddit | purndou

Lego is virtually indestructible but that doesn't mean it won't wear down. Just look at the difference between these identical keychains — one that's been used for a few years, and the other that's brand new.

Tree hazard.

Reddit | el_tobleronie

Look closely and you'll see that a golf ball became wedged into this tree at one point a few years ago. The lumberjack's saw split it cleanly in half.

Toe beans.

Reddit | mysweetvulture

If you're a pale person with cats, you may have seen this for yourself: a distinctly paw-shaped imprint on your skin after a snuggle with your kitty.


Reddit | Njvdwesth

I don't know what this lizard did to get so dusty in the first place but the dust left a clear imprint after it fell from the ceiling onto this wireless charger.

Smoked out.

Reddit | dubhead_dena

Let's put aside the impressive size of this flag from the Battle of Trafalgar and just focus on the wear and tear. You can really tell how smoky and destructive old-timey naval battles must have been.

Glimpse of the past.

Reddit | interrobang7

This pothole on a stretch of asphalt road reveals what the road used to look like. In fact, the red bricks underneath seem to be in better shape than the asphalt.

Big puff.

Reddit | thegrowls

This massive smoke ring in the sky was made possible by a volcano, which belched it into the air during an eruption.

Millions of stirs.

Reddit | finishingstrong

The edge of this metal spoon has become worn away from years and years — or maybe decades and decades — of stirring stuff.


Reddit | astro-cowboy

They look almost like henna tattoos but these are the scars left behind on people who survived lightning strikes. It's pretty incredible to see how the electricity leaves such a mark.

Look familiar?

Reddit | gweebah

After looking at the last photo, you can probably already tell that this rock has been struck by lightning as well.

Truck by Acme.

Reddit | BobMcCully

Alright, this isn't the result of the Roadrunner baiting Wile E. Coyote into another pitfall. But it's definitely the result of something smashing into this truck with some force.

A mammoth find.

Reddit | itsclassified_

These intact skeletons of mammoths, 60 in all, were found during construction of Mexico City's airport. Archaeologists think they may have been trapped and killed by ancient humans.

Finding a way.

Reddit | waxedbrownstar

This watermelon never grew up to be big and strong but it did what it could — especially considering the obstacle presented by a nearby fence.

Rub the nub.

Reddit | lawrineapple

At one time, this statue of St. Peter featured actual toes. But after being rubbed for good luck by pilgrims for many years, the toes are basically gone.

Alright then.

Reddit | The_Nugman

The town of Erwin, Tennessee apparently puts on a decent elephant painting contest. I don't know why but this Star Wars-themed elephant is pretty decent.

Wavy sidewalk.

Reddit | Lamerlengo

Those wavy bricks aren't a design choice. At one time, they were in a standard grid pattern but an earthquake a few years back permanently shifted them into this position.

Quick lesson.

Reddit | spartan17456

I don't know why anyone would want to diminish a fun day at the beach with a chemistry lesson but nevertheless, that appears to be what happened here.

Another quick lesson.

Reddit | binthewin

I don't do math so I can't tell you what's going on here, but evidently some construction workers needed to figure out a math problem.

Anyone know what this equation means? Let us know in the comments!