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'Golden Girls' Scented Candles Fill Your Room With Scents Of St. Olaf And Sicily

Something delightful is in the air, and it's also sarcastic and a bit inappropriate.

That's right, there are Golden Girls scented candles that will help you channel your inner Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia, not to mention make your home smell like friendship for years to come.

With hilarious labels and gal pals, the spark of The Golden Girls will burn on forever.

This candle reminds us to always stay golden like the 'Golden Girls.'

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These soy wax candles are made with essential oils, cotton wicks, frosted glass jars, and most importantly, the love of good friends.

Each handmade candle has about 50 hours of burn time that will give you hints of sweet memories and nostalgia.

Fancy yourself a Blanche type? Then you'll want to fill your room with scents of lingerie and flirting. And yes, it is amazing how you can look so good when you feel so bad. (We're jealous.)

Get one for all of your friends as a thank-you.

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These candles are perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or just because.

Of course, gifting a Rose candle might result in mixed feelings, especially when it has undertones of asking dumb questions.

But it also smells like the biggest heart, so that's saying something.

Our love for these candles will never burn out.

Etsy | iheartpopcandles

The Sophia candle is ideal for your most wisecracking pal — it smells like sarcasm! (I think I know that scent well.) While the Dorothy candle smells like always having a comeback and boasts notes of Shady Pines, Ma.

If you still need incentive to buy these candles, this Etsy business supports American farmers, and handcrafts biodegradable and water-soluble candles.

Each candle is packed in a box with mesh to keep it safe during transit, so that none of your Golden Girls-scented dreams will be shattered on their watch.

Don't we all hope that we can one day live with our besties in a hot climate, surrounded by hot men? If that isn't the golden rule to live by, what is?

Maybe it's a little weird, but I'm all for filling my home with the smell of everlasting friendship. Now all I have to do is figure out which one of the fabulous foursome I am. (I'm probably a Dorothy but I secretly want to be a Blanche.)

These Golden Girls candles are available on Etsy for $20 each or all four for $75.

If you decided to order some of these Golden Girls candles, please share your pictures and your sassiness in the comments.

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