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Baker Creates Whimsical Cookies That Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat

It's no mystery that food is often recognized as an art form, as people continue to test the limits on how expressive and vibrant their dishes can become.

We're pretty sure this goes double for people like Kim Delia, whose macarons are not only delicious, but also tell beautiful stories through the detail and imagination in each bite.

They’re so beautiful, it's hard to imagine how anyone could even eat one!

These macarons look like little pieces of heaven.

Instagram | kims_bachstuebli

Delia only bakes as a hobby, and yet, her macarons look nothing short of professional and unique.

She's actually a florist in a textile shop, and has only been baking for around two years.

Delia clearly exudes a natural talent that shows others that it's never too late to try, and be very good at, something new.

Delia has turned macarons into magic.

Instagram | kims_bachstuebli

Delia even joined a baking group and they investigated ways to stop their macarons from cracking.

If you've ever made macarons, you know all too well that preventing them from cracking is a skill in and of itself, which Delia clearly figured out.

However, when her macarons did crack, she turned them into geode macarons that are stunning.

Beautiful cookies are pretty sweet.

Instagram | kims_bachstuebli

One of the keys to Delia's gorgeous designs is making her macarons with fondant.

The fondant allows her more flexibility when making her designs, even though it does sacrifice a bit of the taste.

The intricate style and art in her macarons are truly unique, as these macarons never fail to be visually pleasing inside and out.

This is a great reminder to get creative in the kitchen.

Delia is giving us some major stay-at-home pandemic goals for our baking. She expresses remarkable imagination and attention to detail with her macarons, and we are just eating it all up.

If you have any delightful macaron creations that you'd like to share in the comments, please do!

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