Family Goes All Out With Epic DIY Halloween Costumes Every Year

Does your family love Halloween? Yes? Well, what would you say if I told you I can guarantee you they don't love Halloween as much as this family does?

Meet That Halloween Family. They're known around their town as "that Halloween family that goes overboard at Halloween," and trust me when I say that title is well-earned.

Their first year was, naturally, the Addams family.

After years of making matching brother-and-sister costumes for her kids, mom Adrienne decided to do a family costume! She shopped thrift stores for every item of their costumes, and wound up spending only $25!

Everyone in their town loved it.

TikTok | @thathalloweenfamily

They have a huge Halloween festival in their nearby town each year, and the family was a big hit! Because of how much fun they had, Adrienne decided to keep the ball rolling.

The next year, they kicked things up a notch.

They dressed up as the iconic characters from Beetlejuice! This one was particularly difficult, as Adrienne had to figure out how to make those masks herself, and there wasn't much help to be found on the internet.

The masks were a total DIY win.

But it took some real work! She used cardboard and tape, as well as packing peanuts and paint for the eyes! Unbelievably, the tongue is just a cut-up dish rag. Her son made a perfect little Beetlejuice!

Then came the Simpsons.

For the first time, Adrienne had to buy something new for the costumes! It's hard to DIY a yellow that vibrant, so she bought she and her family yellow unitards. I support her.

The rest was all dollar store items.

TikTok | @thathalloweenfamily

And thrift shop stuff, of course! She actually bought sunglasses as the dollar store and DIY-ed them into removable eyes. As for the rest? Foam and cardboard. It was that simple — and that difficult!

The next year was out of this world.

Quite literally, because they were The Jetsons. GET IT. Anyway, the family had some major fun with this one, you can totally tell. The Rosie is all cardboard on top of an office chair!

"Little Shop of Horrors" became Halloween 2019's theme.

And it was crazy! Like the Beetlejuice masks, these amazing creations are all wire hangers, cardboard, tape, and paper maché. She didn't spend a penny to make any of it!

Everything else was thrifted!

TIkTok | @thathalloweenfamily

She literally used hampers, pool noodles, and thrift store items to put together some of the most complex Halloween costumes I've ever seen. This family is just SO CUTE.

As for 2020?

The mystery continues. Adrienne just posted this small preview of their costumes, with this caption:

"Who knew red/white and blue were Halloween Costume colors??? Another costume finished, feeling super confident in 3 out of 4 costumes!"


Oh, any by the way...

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